How-To Download your Facebook Data

How-To Download your Facebook Data>Facebook Users have been waiting to receive a way to retrieve their Facebook data, although Facebook made the announcement, they never really said much more about it. Therefore leaving users to find it on their own and unless you are constantly looking under your account settings, you may never know that the ability to download your Facebook information is readily available to you.

Whatever the reason may be to want access to your data or not, remember that although Facebook may feel like a safe haven, it is not. In fact, your data, regardless of what you use Facebook for is up for grabs when it comes to Facebook’s third party sites, which means, that in order for Facebook to remain free, our information is our form of payment. With that said, you can always restrict access under your privacy settings. It is better to be aware than to live in Facebook fear, therefore, here is how you can download your Facebook Data.

1. Sign into Facebook

2. Click on “Account” located on the top right side of your Facebook Page.

3. In the dropdown, click on “Account Settings” and click on “learn more”

4. A new tab/page will open. Click download.

5. Authenticate that it is your Facebook Account

6. You will receive a zip file with all of your shared information on Facebook

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Download Facebook Data

Note: Keep the zip file in a safe location and it is recommended that it is stored on an external hard drive, flash disk or on a single user computer.

Be wary of other sites stating you can download your data and always check Facebook prior to allowing other sites access to your information. Although Social Media has opened doors to connecting the globe and has humanized our access to people and businesses, we must remember that it is still the Internet, and the Internet never forgets.

Did you know you could download your data from Facebook?


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