How-To Dissect Who to Follow

How To Dissect Who to Follow>

Social networks are wonderful platforms to meet new people; they give us the opportunity to network and find others who share the same interests as we do. However, too many of us get overwhelmed by the time it takes to check to see if the person who connected with you will ADD to your social experience and vice versa.

All too often I hear others saying that Twitter is full of spam and Google+ is boring. These are just to name a few; the question is, are they? Or are you simply not following the right people?

If you want to have the utmost experience when utilizing your social networks you need to build a community, and building takes a little time and a lot of effort on your part, since what you want from a social network is exactly how much you are willing to put into it.

First you need to remember that social networks are shells, they are just a place where things can happen as long as there are people, without people, they serve no purpose, so it’s never truly the site as much as it is your perception that causes you to think negatively.

Therefore, creating quality is never bought when it comes to who you follow, you need to go natural to truly have the experience you are after.

Here is How-To Dissect Who to Follow

Our initial reaction to a follow is to auto-follow back and this is the first step of doing things wrong, auto following back is creating numbers not connections and to have social sites serve you there is a need to weed.

A Need to Weed Followers

There is no shortcut to building and maintaining a true community, although we have all tried finding it, reality is we can only utilize tools that can aid in shortening the time in which we spend on social sites but there is nothing that will make your community suit you best quite like you, the best tool is the human touch.

When you gain a new follower you want to do a quick check over before investigating further so here is how to weed out followers that are an obvious miss and not worth the time.

If they do not have an avatar

If they have not filled out their bio or description

If it is spammy looking by sending out the same messages to people or anything talking about diet pills (lol, you catch my drift.)

If their main purpose or interest doesn’t peak yours.

Now that you have done the quick scan you have eliminated time wasters and can move on to others that have taken the time to fill out their profiles which now make them worthy of your time but who will be the best for sharing your interests?

Follow those who are best for sharing your Interests

It can be easy to get lost in public social sites like Twitter and Pinterest, even though Pinterest allows you to tailor your interests through boards you most likely “follow all” instead of sorting through boards that truly peak your interest. In order to gain an enjoyable experience you need to choose what each social site can offer. Basing a community upon something (like your interests) is better than basing it on nothing. This is when you need to think of your hobbies (like gaming or sports) and find other people that share the same types of interests as you.

With that said, you still need to do the full scan of a profile after you have found similarities, since that alone does not mean you will receive quality content. This is when you take a few moments to find the need to read.

There is a Need to Read Followers

Here is where it will take a few moments for you to look at what the follower says and does with their social experience, just because you have a connection through interests does not always make for a great fit and this is why you need to read their activities on their profile. Here is what to look for when checking to see if a profile will turn into a good follow.

They have an avatar

Their bio explains a bit about themselves and perhaps a link to another site that helps you get to know them even more.

Their status updates are enjoyable and diverse

You see that they actually share or talk about the interest that you have in common.

Lastly, you need to check to see if they are in fact social. The last thing you would want is to message them and never receive a response. You need to see the human aspect of a profile that goes beyond the static words and onto real-time persona.

Static Words only go so Far…

You are now at the point in which you need the human aspect of the follower to show up and carefully see that they do interact with other people including you, since there is no need to keep a follower that does not talk back. A wall is called a wall for a reason and it is only best when others are taking part in making the wall come alive or you are literally just talking to a… wall.

So send them a message saying hi and begin the ice breaking by saying something about your common interest. This is a great way to entice someone to respond and lessons the awkward feeling some people still get when talking to a stranger. Soon enough this “stranger” may become an acquaintance and here is where a true connection begins.

There is no need to rush building a community, it is better to take the time to dissect who to follow than to gain nothing from following all. Your time is worth more than that and so should your experience online. There are amazing people out there looking to connect with other like-minded people and using these simple rules will help you find them to begin building your community.


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