How-To Begin Social Selling to Increase Productivity for Your Business (Slide Show)

The funny thing about “social selling” is that there is very little to no sales techniques involved. This may have you raise your eyebrows or turn your head sideways, but with the formulation of Social Media, your “old” ways of selling are less productive.

Instead, there is strategy that allows your business to sell to other businesses (B2B) or directly to consumers (B2C) with using your personality as your company’s voice, which is allowing Customer Service trump the Sale. In return, your service will create sales. To some, this may sound like we have begun going in circles and do not understand why we have eliminated a direct approach to selling.

Why We Have Eliminated a Direct Approach to Selling?

The assumption to this reasoning is from the busy schedules we have all accumulated in the last 20 years, when we lost the importance of sit down meals with family, or time spent with friends. Yet, we cannot undo what has been done and with the economy as is and our human social instincts, we have opted-in to using the Internet as a form of communicating, “keeping in touch” and for buying products. This passageway is Social Media and its various forms of Social Networks.

How Does This Relate to Businesses?

In our growing relationship with the Internet, people have realized that they want to speak with companies too, to aid in their decision making when purchasing online or in their community. In this realization, Social Media has become the ultimate “cold calling” outlet, but it has upped the ante, by lessoning the sale aspect and increasing your customer service abilities (personality). Remember that if you set up your business’s social networks correctly, your brand becomes associated with your activity. By using social search engines you can still have unsolicited finds of unhappy customers that you can create relationships with and turn into happy clients of your business because of your attentiveness, your caring approach and your follow-through actions.

Cold calling was reliant on telephones, and then in the 1980’s the introduction to e-mail’s was made, which began mass e-mails that were productive for the time, but still “cold”.

It did not truly become relevant that people wanted a “warm sale” until recently; the increase of this demand has intensified in the past few years alone.

Therefore, whether you believe in the use of Social Media for business or not, it has already proven its force and if you are not, “socially selling” you are not allowing your business to peak its full potential, you are stuck in the past and more importantly, your customers know it and will move on to your competitors.

Here is a slide show created by Social Selling University and presented on InsideView, 5 Must-Haves for Boosting Sales with Social Media will also cover the following:

1. What is Customer 2.0?

2. Social Media Meets Sales

3. 5 Steps in Social Selling to B2B

4. Tools for Social Selling

We tend to agree with the following steps and think it can help you to begin social selling to increase your business’s productivity.

What are your thoughts on Social Selling?


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