How-To Ask a Question on Facebook with the Questions Feature

UPDATED: Facebook has removed the Facebook Questions Feature from Profiles.

Asking questions on Facebook is not new; many people use their Facebook status update as a source to gain insight on what other people think. Facebook has upped the ante by adding a questions feature to their Facebook platform so people can ask more than just their friends, instead it allows you to tap into the Facebook community.

Using the questions feature to ask questions enables you to choose which friends to ask and allows your friends to add to the question as well as to ask their friends, creating a ripple effect.

Where is the Questions Feature on Facebook?

The questions feature is located in a spot you use every day, your status update. It is located right above it along-side photos, links and videos

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How can I ask a Question on Facebook?

Simply click on the word “Questions” and a drop down will appear reading “Learn from your friends and others:” – this is where you ask the question.

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How can I take a Poll on Facebook?

After clicking on “Questions” and asking the question, you want, click on “Add Poll Options” and add multiple answers for people to check off.

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How Can I Let Others Add to My Question?

Located at the bottom left-hand side of the questions feature you can check mark the box to allow others to add answers to your question. (Uncheck the box to disallow others to add)

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Now you are ready to ask a question on Facebook. However, to ensure the effectiveness, use the “Ask Friends” link located on the right-hand side and a pop-up will appear with all of your friends. Choose the friends you want to ask by click on them and they will highlight, then click the “Ask Friends” button, allow it to load and it will read, “Your Question has been Ask”. This is an extremely important feature and gives the ability to have your friends ask other people as well as follow the thread.

Have fun with this feature, but remember that it is public. You can even choose groups or pages that will drop down in the poll section to include, so think before you ask. You may also want to check your notification setting under your Account settings to customize the preferences on how often you would like to be notified.

Do you like the new Questions Feature?


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