How-To Add Facebook Questions to Your Facebook Page and Why It Is Good for Business

Recently Facebook has rolled out their brand new Facebook Questions feature that you can use to ask questions to your friends and they can follow the thread as it grows or add to the questions feature. Facebook clearly took notice to the amount of questions asked as status updates and decided to implement the idea into their platform.

At first, we questioned the question feature, since it seems to add another element for people to socialize and were afraid it might disconnect people, since you have to click “follow” to stay informed about the answer thread. Then we tried it, and instead saw its potential. The questions feature goes beyond a status update and becomes more as a viral questionnaire as people continuously share the question with their friends.

This is not only a great idea for personal use, but think of it on a business level, it is genius. As a business you can now ask the same types of questions you have already been asking as your pages status update (example: Pepsi or Coke). Once you share the question with your page, the people who have “liked” your page can now participate, share it and their social community can do the same as well as choose to follow the question feature regarding the specific topic, which increases the chance of multiple interactions.

Depending on how skillful you are with your question asking, your business could further its branding, marketing, connections and retain valuable feedback, just from using this fun way of interacting with your page. The question feature will feel more like a game to your followers and will switch up the way you engage.

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Here is How-To add the questions feature to your Facebook business page:

1. Go to the Account Link on the Top-Right of Facebook

2. In the Dropdown, choose “Use Facebook as Your Page”

3. Choose the Page you want to “Switch” to

4. Go to the Question Page (people do not realize they have to go to a different page to activate it.)

5. Click on “Go To Questions”

6. Now go back to your Facebook Page and click on “Facebook” (where you can socialize as your page with other pages your page has “liked”).

7. On the left-hand side, you can now click on “Questions”

8. Click on “Questions” on the Questions Page

9. Fill out the Question you’d like to ask (you can also make it multiple choice)

10. Click “Ask Question” and now you can view it on your Page.

Note: Remember to switch back to your profile by going to your Account on the top-right hand side.

Now you are set to ask as many questions as you want. Just be mindful to not clutter people’s newsfeeds with questions and add various other types of content in between, in order for your questions to remain fun and useful. Brush up on your W5’s -who, what, where, when, why and sometimes how, cause it is time to get interactive with your business’s Facebook Page using the questions feature.

Do you like the new Question feature?


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