HOW-TO: Access Various Facebook Ad Accounts with Account Groups (GUIDE)

Facebook Ads have been the first taste of “social advertising” accommodating the user to see ads that target their “likes” and location based on information they provide via their Facebook profile. Targeted Marketing has never been easier, especially having Facebook, as the main platform to produce advertisements that can promote your product, place of business or Facebook page. The ability of “liking” an advertisement now increases your capacity to better view insights on your demographic, providing statistics that can enable you to further your Marketing efforts unlike ever before and without seeming invasive to the average Facebook user.

Facebook is making your Marketing labor put to better use by saving you time with your various Facebook Ad’s and allowing you to access them simultaneously with Account Groups”.

How-To Group a Set of Accounts Under a Group Name

Grouping your Accounts will allow you to have one view from your Ad’s Manager permitting access to all accounts as well as enabling multiple users.

1. Login to your Facebook Ad’s Account and click “Account Groups” (It is a tab on the left-hand side of the page.)

2. Click “Create a Group” and enter the desired name you want for that group.

NOTE: This is only viewable to those with multiple Facebook Ad Accounts. If you would like access, you will need to go to “Manage Facebook Ad’s”.

How-To Add an Account to “Account Groups”

1. Select your “My Accounts” and in the drop down/tab enter the “Account ID” into the “Add Account” Field and click “Add Account” to complete the action.

How-To Grant or Revoke Permission to “Account Groups”

1. To Grant Permission – Access the group you would like to grant permission for another user to access and add their name (if they are your Facebook friend) OR the e-mail that is associated to their Facebook profile into the “User Permissions” field and click “Add User”.

2. To Revoke Access from a User – Simply click on the X located next to their name to remove their access to the group.

How-To Accept Account Invites to Join a Group

1. Admins can enter the “Account ID” of a group to invite to the “Accounts Group”, however it will remain in “pending status” until the owner of the group approves the group invite.

2. Once the “Accounts Group” owner logs in to their “Ad’s Manager” they will receive a notification of the invites and will be able to “approve” or “ignore” the access.

3. If the Owner does grant access, the entire group will now have access.

How-To Select Groups in the Ad’s Manager Account List

1. Click on “All Accounts” drop down to view a list of groups/accounts you have access to.

2. Click on the “group” drop down to view all accounts associated to that group.

Now you know the various ways you can grant access to view multiple Facebook Ad’s in the Ad’s Manager as well as other people and groups, to keep track of various Facebook Ad’s you currently have implemented or if you are looking to venture into Facebook Advertising for multiple businesses.


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