How Social Media and SEO Metrics Can Help You Improve Your Sites Popularity

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Social Media and SEO Metrics

In this internet age that we find ourselves in, businesses are starting to have a growing presence on the web. This is evident with the ever increasing use of social media. Some people, however, are questioning the importance of social media as a marketing tool. These people are unaware of all of the benefits that social media and SEO metrics provide.

Although most people are fully aware of what social media is and the various social media platforms that are available to internet users, not all people are aware of what SEO is and how it can benefit a business’s internet presence. For starters, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This basically means how readily available you are in a search engine to those who are using that search engine. For example, if you maximize your business’s search engine optimization, you will be found higher on a Google search. This is obviously beneficial because more people finding your business generally means more business. In order to increase your search engine optimization you should be increasing the number of back links leading to your website, use Google Analytics, and increase the amount of metadata you use. This will give your site more content that is searchable, and will therefore give more content for potential clients to find.

Social media and search engine optimization go hand in hand from an internet marketing standpoint. Social media is a great platform for businesses to create more content that links back to their company and their website. The rest of this article will take you through 4 ways to increase your search engine optimization based on each respective social media site as well as social media best practices:

1. Facebook: This social media platform is the most widely used social network throughout the world and is therefore very important to businesses. You can use Facebook advertising to reach your target market. In order to increase your SEO using Facebook, be sure to constantly post links to other content of your company.

2. Twitter: Although Twitter is limited in characters, it is not limited in SEO possibilities. Twitter is great in the way that is gets a quick message across without boring the reader. In order to use Twitter to increase SEO, link back to your website. To save characters while doing this, use a link shortener like

3. Google+: This site is the most beneficial to SEO because it is directly linked to the most common search engine used by people. Although it is not among the more popular social media platforms, it should be used from a strictly SEO point of view. In order to save time on Google+ posts, feel free to duplicate Facebook posts to use on Google+.

4. Pinterest: Pinterest is great because it combines images with the technicality of SEO. People are drawn to images and videos more easily than text, so the fact that Pinterest is image based is likely what has caused the site to grow so quickly in popularity. Pinterest works well because each image pinned is attached to a link. Driving these links back to your site will drive your SEO up exponentially.


Author Bio: Pam Johnson obtained her associated degree at one of The Top Schools for Online Associates Degrees before heading to a four year institution and double majoring in computer science and marketing.

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