How Far Has YouTube Evolved in the Past 8 Years? [Infographic]





How_Far_Has_YouTube_Evolved_in_the_Past_8_Years__[Infographic]Come February 14th, the day known to many as the day of love, will be an extra celebratory day for the self-videographer who eight years ago was revealed to a new world of uploading videos to share their thoughts, talents and lives with the world. Valentine’s Day is also YouTube’s birthday and its transformation from zero views to over four billion views per day did not happen overnight.

YouTube was founded in February 2005 and come April of that year, the very first YouTube video was uploaded onto the web “Me at the Zoo”. It wasn’t until 2006 when Google acquired YouTube and since then growth has continued in its favor. YouTube has made many strides to change the way we communicate globally. Creating a social community that is based on sharing our moments with each other visually and for free.

Today, YouTube is the #1 video uploading service in the world, it is also the second most popular search engine (beating Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined (I know, shocking right? I am still not over 2005 being 8 years ago).

Whether you are a YouTuber in search of finding more information regarding its past or simply curious about how YouTube has evolved in the past eight years, retaining accurate information is imperative within your quest to easily learn as much as you can about your favorite social networking site.

In the following infographic, you can view collective data that highlights the most successful startups to success stories in web history. Quickly see how YouTube became known to be the dominant video uploading site we have come to appreciate in less than a decade and gain the most up-to-date YouTube stats emphasizing significant moments within YouTube history that have led us to today.


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