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Holiday Grumpy Cat Internet Meme

Tis’ the season to be jolly, as people are caroling, decorating and shopping for gifts to present to their loved ones. The stores are bustling while music of sleigh bells ringing through the intercom play. Coffee shops offer flavors of candy caned caffeine while candles of gingerbread leave the aroma that the Holiday season has begun. Who could not love this time of year? Grumpy Cat, that’s who.

Ah yes, the Tard, better known as Grumpy Cat, of course would not want to Deck the Halls or sing anything that has fa la la la la la la within it. Nor would she want to sit on Santa’s knee or go dashing through the snow. Instead, she would probably have more fun making fun of Rudolph and having a glass of milk with the Grinch, heck, she might even want to participate in stealing Christmas!

Grumpy Cat sure would not want to put up a tree unless she was climbing it nor would she want to leave any fewer cookies for her to give to Santa. She would prefer to eat the carrot right in front of Rudolph and call him names. There is no merry or happy in Grumpy Cats vocabulary and the fact that people are smiling makes the season even worse for this grump.

She would prefer to be on the lap of Scrooge and count money instead of the days until Christmas arrived. Family gatherings only mean that more people will pet her incorrectly and she doesn’t dash, jingle or want to wear any silly costumes of antlers or Santa suits. No, Grumpy Cat would much prefer if the Holiday Season was over and we are sure she is not alone, if anything, you too may feel the same way Grumpy Cat does or at least get a kick out of hating the Holidays with the Grumpy Cat Internet Meme.

Happy Holidays! NO.

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