Grumpy Cat Internet Meme Invades Star Wars

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Grumpy Cat Internet Meme Invades Star Wars

We should have known that Grumpy Cat would move from being an original meme into becoming the face of other well-known characters that we love, especially as any role she could possibly play in the epic space opera franchise Star Wars.

The movie created by George Lucas, has spun many fanatics that enjoy the Jedi’s fighting t Sith’s, they’re nemesis; a classic good versus evil tale in outer space. Grumpy Cat would most likely always be known as Darth Vader, who as Anakin Skywalker was known as “The Chosen” one, he also plays the lead villain in Star Wars, which would be the perfect character for our Grumpy Cat to portray.

However, others who have spun the Grumpy Cat meme also see Tard as various other characters within the Star Wars saga, even going as far as making her Yoda, the head of the Jedi Council. Just like all of the Star Wars characters, Grumpy Cat is likable, even with her Grumpy attitude and as a real life meme she has definitely created her own following.

So how perfect is it that these two favorites collide together to make even more hilarious Internet memes for us to enjoy. We can see that though the Force is meant for good, it too has a dark side and perhaps Grumpy Cat took the turn in becoming a Sith or at least that is what she would be played as if she was in fact a character within the Star Wars films.

Perchance she would have been lured in that direction by cat nip or tasty cat treats, either way if the helmet fits she might as well make it look fabulous as she does in some of these images.

Wouldn’t it be funny if after all this time Darth was in fact a cat? I digress.

Grumpy Cat as Yoda

Tard General Meow Lil Bub Star Wars

Grumpy Cat Obi Wan

Yoda and Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Darth Vader Luke

Tard I am Your Father

[Grumpy Cat Darth Vader image via imgfave]

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