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YouTube Video Responses Retire

On Tuesday, YouTube announced that it is ridding of its YouTube video responses feature that is well loved by its community. Despite the outcry from its users, YouTube states strongly that the feature was not very popular at all. YouTube wants to instead replace unused features with ones that aim to grow your connections.

According to YouTube, YouTube video responses lack in click-through rate, stating that 4 out of 1 million users actually click on a video response, that is only a mere 4%. Since it shows YouTube that it is not as popular as its users claim it to be, as of today it is officially retired.

Nothing yet is ready to replace it within its absence; instead, YouTube will take time to create more effective tools for engagement. YouTube hopes to enable video links within the comment section to improve context for the existing video and in essence more context creates more engagement.

YouTube does encourage its users to use playlists and channel selections to highlight various videos on their YouTube profile instead. They do say that all previous YouTube video responses will still be available and discoverable on the site.

Another suggestion YouTube makes is to use another feature known as InVideo Programming, which will help you highlight your videos even further.

What is InVideo Programming on YouTube?

InVideo Programming is a feature on YouTube that enables its users to a chosen video or channel logo across all the videos on your channel. This feature encourages viewers to click on the next video as they both act as annotations.

What is InVideo Programming YouTube

How To Activate InVideo Programming

1. Sign in to your YouTube account and click your username located in the top right corner of any page

2. From the dropdown menu select My Channel

3. Click the pencil icon on the right side of your Channel just below your banner and select Channel settings

4. From left bar under Channel settings, click on InVideo Programming

Although this seems to put more focus on your videos and channel and not your community as video responses did, it is the current alternative that YouTube offers. It too can be tracked through analytics.

YouTubers are sharing their upset over the removal of YouTube video responses and some even state that YouTube does not understand its community. Although it was a well-used feature, it does not mean it actually helped viewership, only community building. YouTube will look at the stats and during this outcry; let’s just hope YouTube comes up with something equivalent.

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