Get Your Fix with these 6 Breaking Bad Action Figures

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Breaking Bad Action Figures

Are you in need of some Breaking Bad Action Figures to complete your Breaking Bad collection?

Even though Breaking Bad is no longer airing new episodes, we always have the DVD collection we can frantically cling onto, pop into the DVD player and binge watch when we need a BB fix…said no true Breaking Bad fan EVER.

For the hard-core Breaking Bad fans, the DVD boxset just won’t do, we want everything Breaking Bad and wish to have enough Breaking Bad collectibles to proudly fill a storage garage.

In the meantime, we certainly want desirable Breaking Bad memorabilia to at least add some extra shelves to the man cave or she sheds.

The popular vinyl figures site, Funko Pop has an entire page dedicated filled with Breaking Bad Action Figures of the most beloved Breaking Bad characters.

Many are most familiar with Funko Pop’s Vinyl Figures that have a unique cartoon look to them, and yes, there are Breaking Bad vinyl figures available there too.

BUT Funko Pop offers even more for your addictive characters with the Breaking Bad Action Figures by ReAction.

If you’re on the hunt for Breaking Bad collectibles, these 6 Breaking Bad Action Figures are a must for your on-going collection.

Let’s Get Your Fix with these 6 Breaking Bad Action Figures

1. Breaking Bad Action Figure – Walter White

You know…that one time at the RV in the desert…

Breaking Bad Action Figures - Walter White

2.Breaking Bad Action Figure – Walter White (Cook)

We watched as Walter White took his science academics from school to the RV to the lab with this consistent suit.


3. Breaking Bad Action Figure – Heisenberg

One of the most amazing transformations on Television/Netflix was when the wimpy version of Walter White crystalized into Heisenberg. We will never forget “I am the danger” or “Say My Name”.


4. Breaking Bad Action Figure – Jesse Pinkman

Every villain needs a sidekick and there is no one better than Jesse Pinkman. Yeah Science!

REACTION BREAKING BAD JESSE PINKMAN5. Breaking Bad Action Figure – Jesse Pinkman (Cook)

One of the easily most iconic outfits. The lab suit became a symbol of the Breaking Bad lead duo.

REACTION BREAKING BAD JESSE PINKMAN (COOK)6. Breaking Bad Action Figure – Gustavo Fring

There is nothing like watching a villain have an even scarier villain. Gustavo Fring kept Walter White and Jesse Pinkman on their toes, well until…DING!


Breaking Bad Action Figures is a tremendous throw back to the Breaking Bad series, especially since many of its fans are left with cravings for new episodes, to those who are, we hope you will get your fix with these 6 breaking bad action figures.

Which one of these Breaking Bad Action Figures do you think looks most like their character?


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