Geo-Tagging Promoted Posts are Not Available to All Facebook Pages

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Geo-Tagging Facebook Promoted Posts

Many marketers are excited to learn that a discovery made by a Social Media Strategist, Rich Tucker, has unlocked more great news for Facebook Promoted Posts.  However, what they have failed to state is that the geo-tagging promoted posts are not yet useable for all pages.

Therefore do not be surprised if it is not there when you go and look at your past, current or future promoted posts for the ability to add geo-tagging, it is either only available to some Facebook page categories or has yet to be rolled out to all pages.

Not to mention that Facebook has yet to release a formal statement about these new changes. With that said, it wouldn’t be the first time something rolled out on Facebook without a press release of some kind.

Keep this in mind as your eagerness builds for wanting access to the geo-tagging as it is very exciting news, if and when it rolls out to all Facebook Pages.

Geo-Tagging on Facebook Promoted Posts

According to InsideFacebook, geo-tagging will not only be available to instant promoted posts on a Facebook page, but previous promoted posts as well. This means that either when you create a promoted post or if after you promote, you decide to target a specific audience, you are able to do just that.

Geo-Tagging Promoted Posts

Allowing your posted article, status update, image or video that you are looking to promote to be targeted towards the proper geo-location; state wide or locally. Depending on which you choose will increase how many eyes on Facebook will see it within that location. It will also show you your potential reach prior to clicking “Boost post”.

Again, this is terrific news but want to clarify that it is not yet readily available to everyone; instead perhaps more of a preview of what is yet to come.

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