Finally a Video Promoting Animal Adoption that will Make You Smile






Move over Sarah McLachlan, ABBA is taking over the SPCA world, well, at least in Raleigh, North Carolina…

We are often used to shivering to the sounds of heartbreak and sad images of animals that need homes that sometimes, although truthful, we tend to flip the channel to avoid the terrible feeling it causes us not to save them all.  Even if we love Sarah, evoking such sad emotions is not always effective or the only way to reach the same targeted audience, animal lovers.

Emotions can appeal to a larger audience but choosing which one to help in your aid or charity can be the win or fail of your Marketing efforts. Animals are in need of homes and an over population of our furry friends causes many to be homeless or in need of adoption, giving to this cause and choosing to save a cat, dog or smaller creature when incorporating an animal within your family is the more humane way IMHO.

As a person who is owned by rescued animals I certainly can relate to the privilege of knowing the love of an animal that is saved from the hardships of the world. Therefore, viewing a video about animals I already adore that is lip synced by the professionals who tend to their daily needs and are the heroes that save them until they are destined for their forever home is well, refreshing.

Animal lovers have become so used to being saddened by the Marketing that goes into pet adoption, when there is another alternative; share the happiness a pet can bring and deliver it in an upbeat positive way.

Be for warned, you will see this in the following video which includes lip syncing to ABBA and a journey through the Raleigh SPCA with a celebratory feel for life. Finally, a video promoting animal adoption that will make you smile.


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