FanMix Helps You Manage Your Social Conversations on Multiple Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts


Using Social Media as a form to communicate and connect with others can at times be overwhelming especially when keeping up with all of the conversations from various platforms or multiple accounts on the same platform. This can prove to be true especially for businesses; setting up your brand on multiple social networks is ideal when utilizing Social Media for marketing, promotions and interactions, yet many businesses are deterred due to time restraints.

Currently the most popular Social Media management tools are either, limited, not as effective or not free and this disables us from keeping up with connections and interactions we need in order to remain successful when using social networks as a means of communication.

Fortunately, there is a new beta site, FanMix, which allows us to manage all communication from our Facebook Profile, various Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and multiple Twitter accounts. This amazingly easy to set up and might we mention free site allows users to connect via an app authorization to each site. Users are then able to choose which profile, pages or accounts they want to receive notifications from and as you connect, the site updates as to which account is in need of a response.


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The FanMix layout is much like e-mail, which makes the functionality easy to operate and navigate through your multiple connections without distress. This also frees up your current e-mail provider without having an array of notifications that likely flood your e-mail account. Instead, when using FanMix, you simply login and interact with ease and in an organized fashion.

Once you sign-up and connect accounts FanMix goes to work by pulling your information almost instantly. If you have multiple accounts, which many do, especially Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts, you will now be able to retrieve responses from posts or manage positive and negative sentiment immediately from your FanMix account directly to your page or account without any hassles. You are also able to see your contacts and their Klout score as well as their followers’ amount. You can compose and chat with them directly from FanMix as well as keep up-to-date on any prioritized messages that you are able to label.

The added bonus is that unlike some other paid and free Social Media managing tools, when you post from FanMix, it looks like you posted or responded directly from the desired site. There is no “via” anything, instead, you simply look like you are on top of your game and no management tool is mentioned.

This is an effective site for anyone within the Social Media Industry, as well as for businesses looking to manage all of their social connections. This can also be used for personal use, since the end result is time management.

There are multiple reasons for checking out FanMix, especially since they have included Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter Accounts, Blogs and Comment Threads that you own or manage. This is great if you are looking to network, interact or remain active with your Social Media accounts.


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