What You Can Do While the Facebook Scheduler is Temporarily Broken

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Facebook Scheduler is Temporarily Broken

As an Internet Marketer, many may not know that Facebook’s algorithm prefers its users to use their features, like the Facebook scheduler for Facebook Pages.

However, today there seems to be a glitch happening and for the time being Facebook Scheduler seems to be broken.

There have been some issues with the dates scheduled for posts to go out for Facebook Pages for nearly a week or more now. Although, at times, Facebook looks to rectify the issue, it causes a lot of confusion when as a Marketer; you are trying to be efficient.  It has certainly slowed the process of scheduling to Facebook Pages down, not something an Internet Marketer needs while they are in their groove.

Today, while scheduling posts to Facebook Pages the post will show up under “Activity Log” as scheduled but it too will post immediately. If you delete the LIVE post, it will be deleted from being scheduled.

If you understand the Facebook algorithm, then you know that deleting posts (especially repeatedly) can hurt your page.  So what is an Internet Marketer, like yourself supposed to do without interrupting your workflow?

Use Third Party Apps. You can easily connect Facebook Pages to be scheduled out onto various Facebook Pages using the following Third Party Apps. Here is a helpful list you can use while the Facebook Scheduler is broken:

  1. Postcron
  2. Buffer
  3. Postplanner
  4. HootSuite

While scheduling is free on Facebook, most of these third party apps do allow you a free trial, which comes in handy while you wait for Facebook to fix its Facebook Scheduler for Facebook Pages. Your workflow doesn’t need to stop, just because Facebook has temporarily stopped working for you.

Do you have specific third party apps that you use to schedule posts to Facebook?


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