Facebook Profiles Get an Updated Professional Look

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Facebook Profiles Get an Updated Professional Look

Facebook is already well-known for taking on Businesses with their Facebook Pages and Advertising. The usage of the site has also caused huge controversy within the workplace of whether employers have the right to use what you post on this social giant against you, or in some cases people have been hired based on their posting abilities on Facebook.

However, Facebook has yet to provide an actual spot on their site for employers seeking others for work to share their professional skills, until now.

Facebook has added to its “About Section” for profiles. An area that not too many Facebook users go to once it is filled out the first time, but now you have a reason to go back so you can show your professional history.

No one wants to be solely based on the posts they share and all too often this happens. Employers do check Facebook prior to hiring these days, and now you have a place to showcase your skills.

Of course, LinkedIn is still the #1 spot to seek employment and for employers to find you. But it sure is nice to have a place on the #1 Social Networking site to now display the following:

Work and Education (Located under your About Section on Facebook)

Show the world where you work and the education you have obtained within your life.



Professional Skills (Located under your About Section on Facebook)

Share what skills you excel at so others have a better idea of what type of work you are passionate about and/or have experience in.

Professional Skills on Facebook


History by Year (Located under your About Section on Facebook)

Display the years of hard work you have put in from the various places you have been employed at to date.


 Don’t be judged on what you say on Facebook alone, instead show off your abilities within the workplace.


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