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Facebook Pages Android App

Many Android users have been either using an alternative app or the Facebook app itself to manage their Facebook Page, but it doesn’t get us straight to the point and anyone who has ever properly used Facebook knows how easily one can get distracted from their intended task at hand. Even so, we are able to easily access Facebook pages from the Facebook app as well but again, we have to click a few links to get us there and let’s be honest, a half hour or more later you will suddenly realize that you meant to go to your page… resistance is futile.

As of today they have announced their release of their Facebook Pages Manager app for Android devices.  Once you download the Facebook Page Manager app from Google Play you will instantly be able to act as your page by posting, commenting and all of the overall normal interactions.

You are able to easily access any page you own or are admin to on Facebook and if you already have the Facebook app on your droid, you will be able to click to continue sign-in. You will also be able to view between filters of your page posts as well as posts by others.

Quickly check your page, create conversation, add a photo or video and easily check your insights right from your phone. Not to mention how this will simplify your access to your Facebook page and will be a more efficient way to interact with those who have liked your page. You can still access your page from the Facebook app but the Facebook insight access is a bonus and again will leave you with less distractions.

Facebook Pages Android App Insights

Even though you may like your alternative Facebook Page managing app, keep in mind that not many are as aware as they should be that a third-party app effects your placement within the Facebook Algorithm (EdgeRank). As any site, Facebook too prefers its users using their tools and interface and therefore your interactions will be native to Facebook whereas a third-party app is considered an outsider and will not be easily seen on Facebook as if you used Facebook itself, that alone should make you want to ensure that you are interacting on Facebook while using all the tools that Facebook has to offer.


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