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Facebook Messenger Updates Voice Message

Facebook Messenger is a known standalone app that resembles the Facebook chat feature on the Facebook platform that the social sites’ users are already familiar with yet the app makes it more accessible to speak to other Facebook users without having to be on the Facebook app. The Facebook Messenger released a new update that has yet made it to the web interface and is only available on your mobile device…for now.

Today, if you happened to have blinked, you may have missed a fantastic update to the Facebook Messenger app that now allows Facebook users to leave voice messages in the instance that they need to be hands-free or have more to say and would prefer to say it in an audio version rather than text.

How to Use Voice Feature on Facebook Messenger?

You might go straight to this app once learning about the update as I did and it will not be so boldly in your face as one would hope, but then again, nothing much is on Facebook, so here is how you can make a voice message using the Facebook Messenger app.

1. Click on App

2. Choose a Facebook Friend

3. Click on the + sign located beside the “Write a Message” box

4. Choose the microphone symbol [forth on the right]

5. Touch and hold the record button when talking

6. While you are speaking, you are able to see the amount of time you are recording and how loud you are with the various colors that flash within the dots in the lower left hand corner of the screen [red is too loud, yellow is okay and green means perfect]

7. Once you release the record button it will load and auto-send your message to the person where you will be able to view the recorded piece as well as have the ability to play it back. However, it does auto-send and the only way you are able to delete it is if you quickly press and hold on the sound clip and hit delete and hope that the other person did not hear what you had to say in the meantime.

The person on the receiving end will get a message via a text and on Messenger that they received a voice message via your name and are able to instantly play it as long as they have the Facebook Messenger app installed, if not it only takes less than a minute to download the app and once installed, they will then be able to receive your voice message just like any text messages sent on the same app.

[Facebook Messenger Record Button image via talkandroid]


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