Facebook Makes Changes on How to Increase Page Likes

Most recently, it has been extremely difficult to use Facebook’s “suggest a friend” function on Pages, causing difficulties for page admins and “likers” to send a notification to “like” their page. Having the notification sent to unseen “recommended pages” section if it appears at all.

There has been a quiet change on Facebook that perhaps many page admins are unaware of, allowing you to have a stronger voice within the social sphere on Facebook.

Facebook has switched out “suggest to friends” with “invite friends” on Facebook Pages, enabling people on the receiving end of an invite from a page to obtain a notification and a Facebook e-mail.

What is the Downfall to Facebook’s Newest “Invite Friends” Page Feature?

The downfall to the enhanced feature is that admins are still the only people who can share the page with their individual profile friends.

What is the Upside to Facebook’s Newest “Invite Friends” Page Feature?

Your page will also have a further reach on Facebook since invited friends will see the request in two ways

  • Via a notification
  • A Facebook E-mail

TIP: add multiple admins so more people can share the page with their individual friends, especially businesses.

Here is what happens when you click “invite friends” on a Facebook Page:

  • A pop-up will appear with the default set as “Recent Interactions” – displaying friends you recently spoke to on Facebook. Some will be faded out if they have already been asked to “like” the page. For those that are not, you can simply click on their image and click the “submit” button. (However, this list is very short, recommended best to preventing you from having to search for them.)



  • Use the dropdown on the top-left hand corner of the pop-up window and now you as an admin will have the opportunity to invite people to “like” your page from the following:
  • Recent Interactions
  • Search All Friends
  • Facebook Groups (ones that you have created and have been added to.)
  • Facebook Lists



These options gives you a lot more power when marketing your brand on Facebook, probably why Facebook rolled this enhanced feature out quietly, not even notifying page admins, since it is FREE.  Each of the options populate the people you have befriended on Facebook within those categories, allowing you to select their images. At the bottom of the drop-down, a “selected” area allows you to view all the people you have invited.

Now informed of this latest feature to your Facebook Page, be sure to invite friends wisely by taking turns as admins, inviting various categories slowly and not to abuse your invite offer so you can get the most out of inviting people to your page.

Finally, remember that even though people who have “liked” your page cannot select individual friends to invite to “like” your page. They can still “share” your page within their newsfeeds, which is located at the left-hand lower section of your page. You can encourage people to do so, by asking them within a status update.


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