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Facebook Look Back Video

Looking back on Facebook, for ten years we have connected, networked and shared our lives.

Today, Facebook celebrates a decade filled with memories straight from the screens of our laptops, tablets and mobile phones that have touched the center of our hearts.

Some of us have found our true loves, true friends and a trusted place to digitally share our lives. It has brought families closer together, when miles apart. Introduced us to new friends and magnified the true meaning of “liking” something.

Not all of us have had the pleasure of the past ten years, some may have started later, yesterday or perhaps your Facebook adventure begins today. For those of us who have spent a good chunk of the past ten years dedicating our time to Facebook moments we can remember the days before we would ever “friend” someone outside of our offline friends and family members.

The days when there was no poking, Facebook Pages or Ads, when no ticker existed or chat box too. Can you remember the days when you could only join groups? The time when you could only comment and not reply? How about the days when photos could not be added to a comment thread or characters were limited?

This is only a quick reminder of how much has truly changed since Facebook began; in fact, it was once so exclusive that you could not join unless you were associated to certain Universities.

Facebook has changed the way we socialize, the way we communicate across the web and has altered and added to our common everyday language.

The years seem as though they have flown by but you can easily recapture your time spent on your favorite social network through the Facebook Look Back video that will gather your first days on Facebook, some pictures throughout the years to even your most liked content.

Facebook has changed us, has helped us to rediscover our human connection and has connected us far and wide.  We celebrate you Facebook, thanks for all the memories of yesterday and here is to the future of what is sure to be some more wonderful years of discovery.


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