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Pinterest sure has made a lot of changes aesthetically as of late. Although it is great to make a social site dedicated to images more appealing, they have been making more changes than Facebook, or so it seems, especially with Pinterest Notifications.

Visual content has evolved and become more popular as we use it to communicate our “likes” without having to say a word. Pinterest is the best spot for non-personal images that display boards of images that share what our interests are and providing a form of connecting further with like-minded people by repinning images into similar boards to continue its movement.


As of today you will once again see a new-look to Pinterest. Normally our notifications would stream down the left-hand side of our Pinterest timeline; it has changed its location a few times, but not as noticeably as now. Today it will be located in the top right-hand corner and will look very familiar too. Its style emulates that of Facebook and since Facebook is known for its notifications, this will most likely be an easily adjustable change.

You can also edit your notifications on the site by clicking the bubble and clicking “edit”. From there you will be able to choose whether you want to receive on-site notifications from everyone or only from people you follow.


Not only will it be familiar, it will actually make the feature more effective since a number will display in a red box when someone has created and action on your pin (Like, repin, or a comment). This will then prompt you to want to check your notifications by clicking on the red numbered bubble to see what activities were created.

This too can encourage Pinterest users to connect even further since you will now actually look at what has been made of your own efforts, whereas before notifications didn’t require a click to view, they were simply just there.

Now you will have to put a little more effort into seeing the results of your efforts which is something we have come very used to on sites like Facebook and Google+.


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