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Facebook changes make it almost impossible to keep up with the dimensions of image sections across the board. Googling to try and find each dimension can be difficult to find every image size for this Social Network, especially with the newest addition of the Facebook Timeline. Below is a useful resource for you to have on-hand to customize your Facebook Profile to look its very best, after all, presentation is essential.

This Cheat Sheet can even help you make the best impression for your Facebook Page and therefore can assist you in creating a presentable representation of your brand on the most popular Social Media outlet there is.

Facebook Profile Dimensions

Background Timeline Photo:  Width to Height – 851×315 pixels

Profile Picture: Width to Height – 180×540 pixels

Thumbnail: (Note: Your Thumbnail is created via your profile picture, so in order to display the best looking thumbnail you must use the following dimensions within the profile picture to where you want it to be seen on Facebook). Width to Height 90×90 pixels (Your Thumbnail is what is seen within the Newsfeed next to a status update).

Facebook Page Dimensions

Facebook Page Usable Area:  Width to Height – 520xunlimited pixels

Images within Photo Albums: Width to Height – 960×720 pixels

Facebook Ads: Width to Height – 110×80 pixels max size: 5mb

Text in Ad: Header: 25 Characters Copy: 135 Characters


Size: 1024MB Length: 20mins.

Your Facebook Dimensions Cheat Sheet

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Facebook Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet

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