Facebook Cleans House by Deleting all Inactive and Non-Human Accounts

Facebook Cleans House by Deleting all Inactive and Non-Human Accounts>

As Facebook nearly approaches the 100 million mark of active monthly users, they are doing some in-house cleaning that may affect you. In their recent regulatory filing, Facebook announced that 9% of its users are made up of duplicate or fake profiles (fake meaning non-human, such as a profile for a pet).

This does not sit well with Facebook since it has clearly stated in its terms of service (TOS) what is acceptable for a profile and what is meant more so for their pages. Therefore, they are taking action and will be deleting accounts that are inactive, a duplicate of another account or an account that is in a business name or profiles for animals.

In other words, if you have a profile that is not of a human or that is an account you are not using, soon it will be gone from Facebook. This includes parents who create accounts for their kids, since children under the age of 13 are not allowed on Facebook.

You are also not permitted to have more than one personal profile on the social site, and as of right now, 45.8 million people do, this is something Facebook has also stressed as against their rules of using the site. However, if you are a business or using a profile for non-human things or animals, you are now able to convert your profile into a page with all of your contents, friends and information being transferable to a page since having it otherwise is known as misleading or misclassified on Facebook.

Although this may be irritating to some, it is a way for Facebook to rid of spammy, inactive and useless accounts that do not add to the overall community. If you fall under any of these mentioned areas, be sure to delete your duplicate accounts immediately or you could run into issues with the account you actually use. If you have a profile that is not in accordance to the TOS of Facebook you need to convert your profile into a page as soon as possible.

Don’t get caught off guard, remain informed about what you can and cannot do on Facebook and always ensure that you read the Terms of Service as they are often updated.

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