Facebook Begins Spring Cleaning by Slimming Down Your Timeline

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There is no big surprise when Facebook announces that they are going to make changes to your timeline on your Facebook profile, just a lot of sighs. Regardless of how we feel about pending changes we always express how we feel about it and read how our friends feel and then in unity learn to live with it. Just as we are about to accept the new look, Facebook changes the timeline yet again.

You may start seeing notification boxes on your timeline that explain why your timeline suddenly looks different, for some this may be old news, to others, this is as new as it gets. Clearly when Facebook looks to roll something out it takes a little longer than expected with their enormous amount of users. It also takes some time for them to explain the changes too.


Facebook is looking to slim down your timeline. As any Facebook user can attest; all of the capabilities offered from Facebook can leave a little too much clutter that is less desirable for the eye and the majority of people are uncomfortable being in an environment that feels unorganized, including virtually.

Therefore Facebook is reorganizing its Facebook profiles so your profile looks clean and fresh when clicked on and a little less scattered.

As you will notice in the pop-up notification Facebook has begun its spring cleaning by relocating your posts and life events to the right-side of your Facebook profile page. Everything else will now be located on the left-side. You may have seen this implemented already on other profiles or perhaps your own, but it’s not official until Facebook sends those notifications.

You will also notice that your Facebook About section has been condensed to look even smaller and compact. You can view it in its entirety by clicking on the “see all” that is located just before the profile pictures of your Facebook friends.


Now the question remains, what will they be making room for?


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