Facebook adds Tagging to Comments and Removes the Post Feature

As many of you, Facebook savvy socialites out there are aware of the ability to “tag” people and pages that you have “liked” across Facebook. Simply within a status update via adding the @ symbol and a letter for a drop-down to appear with the list of people or pages you can choose to include in your post.

Once “tagged” the message will then appear on your Facebook Profile as well as the chosen Facebook Profile or Page that you “tagged”. This easy action creates another window of social opportunity for you to quickly engage and have the ability to be seen amongst your friends and/or the friends or people who have liked the “tagged” profile or page.

This is a great way for businesses to brand themselves further across Facebook, since pages are able to do this with an administrative profile or when using Facebook as your page, a means to include other pages to connect and expand your social media reach.

Recently, there have been some unconfirmed speculations surrounding pending Facebook changes to its comments feature. The rumored change regarded Facebook allowing its users to “tag” their friends and “liked” pages within the comment box located below a status update.

We have been tracking this and awaiting confirmation, and we can now gladly report that this is now a fact.

Today, in the wee hours of the morning, Facebook has integrated the predicted change; as a user, you are now able to “tag” within comment boxes on your profile, friend’s profiles and pages. This will only prove to expand socializing (or socialeyezing depending on how you view it)

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In another swift move, Facebook has also removed the “post” button from its comment box, replacing it with text that reads “click enter to leave a comment”, which you will now see appearing when posting a comment.

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Both of these changes seem minor, but as Facebook continues its determined dedication to bring people closer together our system of socializing will further close the disconnected gap. Not only will people who use the site benefit from the ability to connect with people faster and easier with this new “tagging” feature, but businesses will now have the ability to create greater connections with their followings and pursue the path of maintaining connections on a personable level.

Making the engagement process within Social Media and in particular Facebook, just got a whole lot easier.

What do you think of the new comment “tagging” feature?


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