Facebook Adds Easy Access to Your Multiple Facebook Pages

Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out the ability to tag business Facebook pages in photos and as the week approaches its end, Facebook has delivered another small change in the business direction. Facebook has made people with multiple pages easier to quickly view their latest activity, switch from profile to page and to check Insights without having to go to each page.

Now located on the left-hand side of your Facebook Profile, you will see “Pages”, a link with the number of how many Pages you own or are an Admin to, once clicked you will have a quick view of your pages latest activities to aid in time management.

As you can see in the below example, you can have a faster way to see what is happening with your multiple Facebook pages without having to go to each individual page to either check their progress to stay on top of your online reputation and connections through interactions, or to quickly switch into “page mode” to navigate around Facebook.

(Click to Enlarge)

The simple changes made by Facebook pages will add up to further branding and gaining time back while using the social network, making life as a Social Media Specialist or Business Owner a little bit easier and anything that enables more time to be social, is a good change.


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