Establishing Credibility In Electronic Terms

Establishing Credibility In Electronic Terms

Credibility in an area is what results in authority of the subject. For instance, if one gains credibility on a topic, they gradually become an authority. The more a person becomes an authority in a an area the more likely it is another person in search of it will likely refer to them. This is the basic premiss of search engines. This credibility is measure by the number of electronic crumbs that lead toward the site, and the more crumbs, the more it indicates that other sites on the same subject regards this site as an authority.

The Algorithm

Search engines do two things to allow a searcher to view the results of a keyword search.

1. First, they do not search the sites at the moment of search, they only search their own database that contains a previously harvested image of all the sites the bots have crawled.

2. Second, they use a highly sophisticated mathematical model, called an algorithm, to combine multiple factors that result in a list of search results.

The algorithm needs to be understood as best as possible if one wishes to attempt even the slightest hint of success in being rank favorably. The algorithm uses statistical and qualitative parameters to arrive at a set of results.

Advances In Search Engine Algorithms

As search engines get more sophisticated, they are able to weed out substandard sites by quantitatively assessing the quality of the subject matter on the website then referring it to the keyword in question. For instance, if a dentist is vying for the keyword ‘toothache’ for a site that covers services to alleviate the toothache only, the chances are it will not rank very well. The reason, is that the algorithm will scour the page and find that there aren’t sufficient words, secondary and tertiary words and phrases that are normally associated with a site that discusses toothaches. Instead, it seems to discuss remedies and this the search engine will determine is not all-encompassing of a knowledge site.

Ways To Be An Authority In Dentistry

The solution to give the algorithm the volume and breadth of information, is to collaborate across disciplines within dentistry. Imagine a virtual trove of dental information spanning dental formation to dental health and then information on abnormalities results in hundreds of possible keywords within a site that would be favorably viewed. To add to that, as time goes by, backlinks will emerge organically and that would tie in with the primary, secondary and tertiary keywords. Resulting in favorable rankings.

From the knowledge site its an easy way to move to the commercial site and no penalty will be imposed for doing so as the natural progression of a solution is established. If the site is purely commercial with no offer of information then the site will not have any staying power in the upper echelons of rankings.

Cost Considerations

For a single dental practice to establish such an information network, it would be next to impossible, if not cost prohibitive. However, by collaborating with dentists across the nation to come under one banner and cover every possible keyword that relates to the service, it results in a cooperative that is formidable in keyword strength, foremost in authority and logical in conclusion.


Written by Elliot Pearson who likes to write about dental web design and dental seo marketing for Dentist Identity

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