Ensure Online Security in Public Places Using a VPN Service Provider

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VPN Service Providers can help with Internet security since it is a hot button topic lately with all the news of the NSA spying, hackers getting into private accounts, and identity theft. Many people are starting feel like they have no way of protecting themselves, not even from their own government. This security is even more valuable to have when you are using your computer at a cafe, airport, or hotel room.

Internet security for the 21st century: VPN providers

How you can protect yourself is with a VPN (virtual private network) that will help you stay anonymous, keeping your identity safe. Think about all the times you use your devices at public spaces and all the risk you’re opening yourself up to! You’re decreasing your risks in public spaces considerably.

These services will also bypass censorship and geo-restricted material. You’ll be free from invasion, and free to surf any part of the internet you wish. If you’re a traveller looking for connect to your favorite videos on Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu you’ll find yourself disappointed in some countries, those services are geo restricted! With a VPN service provider giving you anonymity, however, you’ll be free to watch anything from anywhere!

Where to find reputable VPN service providers

You need to make the right decision on which VPN service provider to use to increase your online security. There are more and more VPN service providers popping up all the time. How can you find the right one and sort through all the noise?

A VPN review site is a good place to start as it is dedicated to finding the best reviewed VPN providers, and providing you with information about them. You can also try a more general site, like About.com – Internet for Beginners on VPN sites.

What a VPN service provider can do for your internet security

The anonymous nature of a VPN service provider has many internet security implications. Here are the top 6 that you should consider:

  • Hides your data – when hackers try to view your files and snoop around your computer they will only be able to see gibberish instead of your emails, passwords and private files.
  • Make Skype and Viber calls private – VOIP services are huge and getting bigger. Your conversations over these services will be secure from cyber crooks, your own ISP, and the government.
  • Search engines cannot log your search – Google and Bing use your internet search history by attaching it to your ISP. This allows them to send it to other websites and customize the advertisements they send to you. Don’t let them use you for advertising money!
  • Anonymous exchanges of documents – Have some documents to exchange on the down low such as; divorce papers, work files, or private photographs? They’ll be encrypted and anonymous with your VPN.
  • Secures your login details – Your private password protected accounts are at risk with a VPN when you surf publicly on WiFi.
  • Totally anonymous browsing – Are you searching for something online often and would rather not have other people find out about it? Like your obsession with RuPaul? A cloaked IP with a VPN provider will keep your little obsession your business.

All of this, plus unlocking geo-restricted material! Using a VPN is a must for increasing your internet security in the 21st century, and staying safe every time you go online at home, the office, a cafe, or abroad.


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