DIY: Turn Doritos Ketchup Chips into Long-Stem Roses



The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach…

Not only have we patiently awaited the return of the yearly limited time Doritos ketchup chips, we can now turn them into incredible pieces of art.

That’s right, Doritos has found a way for us Ketchup lovers to turn Doritos ketchup chips into 12 long-stem roses!

The Quick Backstory on Doritos Ketchup Chips Marketing Campaign

Say What?  My reaction exactly.

Doritos created a Marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day to send their Doritos ketchup chips in the formation of a rose bouquet for free to the one you love. Their target was men and for a limited time.

Unfortunately, besides specific addresses within Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the rest of us Canadian Doritos ketchup chip lovers were not eligible.  They are also now sold out.

BUT not all is lost.

Create You Own Doritos Ketchup Long-Stem Roses!

Luckily, Doritos has provided a step-by-step do-it-yourself guide for you to turn Doritos ketchup chips into long-stem roses with these 6 easy steps:

Items Needed to Craft Doritos Long Stem Roses:

  • 12 fake roses
  • 2 bags of Doritos ketchup chips (one for crating, the other for eating)
  • Glue
  • And of course loveDoritos_Ketchup_Chips_Bag
  1. You know you won’t be able to resist munching on some, so be sure to grab two bags of Doritos ketchup chips, leave one for crafting and the other for eating your heart out.


2. Open one bag of Doritos ketchup chips and find 5 perfectly crafted triangular chips. These will now become known as the petals to your perfected and mouth watering long-stem roses.

Doritos ketchup chips curled

3. Locate those yummy curled Doritos ketchup chips that are deliciously discovered in every bag. Choose a couple so you have some extra ones on-hand for the 11 other Doritos ketchup chip roses you have yet to create.


4. Remove the fake petals from your Dollar Store roses and wash the stems. To begin crafting your first long-stem Doritos ketchup chip rose, you will want to start with the curled chip in the center.


5. Now you will want to put your munching on pause while you patiently construct the rest of the rose. Take your glue and surround your curly chip with the rest of the selected five Doritos ketchup chips. Be sure to hold on until the glue has dried.

That’s It!


Wash your hands and dig into the rest of the Doritos ketchup chips you have left at your disposal, or if you want, you can create a bouquet by repeating the above steps 11 more times. Just remember, these do-it-yourself Doritos roses are not meant to be eaten, they are only art for the eyes.

Have fun creating a single or bouquet of gorgeous Doritos ketchup long-stem roses for someone who appreciates their return as much as you do. Not that you need a reminder, but our favorite Doritos only last for a limited time, so get crafting!

You can do this with any of your favorite Doritos flavored chips. What flavor of Doritos do you love most?


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