Don’t Let the Internet Lose Our Inner Net


As I awoke today I was enlightened with a video that I saw on the Social Media blog, Soshable, which has inspired me to write this post. I don’t normally write personal articles, yet I do believe that sometimes taking a moment to share a soulful thought can transpire into a knowledgeable action.

My biggest passion has been communication, since I was young, my favorite pass time was talking and that remains true today (Ask anyone who knows me). As I have grown as a human and in life, I have come to thoroughly believe in the evolution of communication and as you are aware, the most recent form has been the acceptance of Social Media within our lives.

With that said, many people still often find it odd that I only use my mobile phone for emergencies and that texting isn’t that big of a deal to me. I shock people when I say I do not own an iPad or a Tablet for reading. That I do still believe in good old fashion books, (which has struck up a debate or two) or that a smart-phone isn’t on any of my wish lists, (my “stupid phone” will do, thanks).

Although I say that in jest, what I am trying to say is that whether you do or do not have the same things or make the same choices as I do, does not make you or I any better or worse than the other, but rather me trying to put in perspective that although I truly adore the Internet and electronics, I do not allow them to rule over me, sometimes I think we get lost in them too much and though I do spend too many hours on my laptop (admittedly), I do make time to spend time away from it all, yes even Facebook.

After watching the following video I was reminded of this and touched by the spoken word that speaks truth to all of us. Us who are plugged in to electronics and at times, zoned out by voices within the same room, we prefer real-time data over real life experiences, perhaps forgetting that the two differ.

The Internet has brought us closer in ways that cannot be compared to anything before it, connecting us locally and globally through pictures, videos and text. Yet, has it caused us to disconnect from the offline world? The experiences in which can only be learned, felt or truly loved from 3D interactions.

People often take to their electronics to remain connected, and though I have a sincere passion for Social Media, I do often wonder what can cause us to be more connected than sharing time with people that are not avatars or talking heads.

I will never diminish the power of Social Media or be ungrateful for the many doors that it has opened to interact with people we may have never known, or the ability it has given to businesses to retreat back to genuine customer service, or the fact that a consumers voice is heard and matters more so now than perhaps ever.

I just hope that we don’t forget the people sitting in the next room, or stop having dinners around the dinner table. I wish for us to share in deep philosophical conversations that stems from something that happened throughout our day that did not have an electrical outlet dependency. The thought of people disregarding life that isn’t upon a screen is well… saddening.

There is a place for the Internet and its many useful tools and meaning of connections, and there is a place to shut it down before us as human’s power off.

The reason the Internet has become a popular hub to search and be social is due to the fact that we all yearn to matter. Even if we use aliases or hide behind thumbnails that don’t resemble us at all, because it is not the superficial factor that truly matters to us, it is the voice within us all that needs to be heard, to feel important and to simply exist. Let’s just not let it become silenced when we turn the computer off and not let the Internet deprive us from our inner net.

I hope this video does not deter you, but instead adds as a reminder to remain social online as well as, offline too.


Erin_RyanErin Ryan is a writer for various blogs and a Social Media Promotional Director who has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date with the Social Media Industry. Erin enjoys teaching and helping people and businesses on how to use and connect through Social Media. You can connect with Erin Ryan on Twitter.

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+Erin Ryan has been a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business, fervently staying up-to-date.

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