DIY: Craft a Crocheted Giant Circular Rug with No Tools


It takes special skill to be able to say that you have crafted a crocheted giant circular rug, one that is admirable, but not everyone has that skill.

In fact, crocheting anything takes practice and a lot of patience. It sure is a terrific hobby to pick up, but not only do people have the lack of skill, but simply do not have the time.

This means that you have got to either befriend a talented crocheting person who is willing to crochet a giant circular rug for you, try and learn how-to crochet yourself, or spend a lot of money on a rug.

You will be happy to know that there is another option.

Not only can you achieve the comfy look of a crocheted giant circular rug, but you can create it with absolutely no tools or talent.

That sounds crazy right?

The YouTube channel ExpressionFiberArts shared a video on how you can crochet a giant circular rug with no tools or talent, literally, you just simply use your hands and tada, you will be able to say that you crocheted a giant circular rug in your lifetime. (Bucket List > Check)

It is a bonus if you already know how-to crochet, but not necessary. There is a video below explaining the process step-by-step so you can achieve your glorious crocheted giant circular rug.

It will surely bring much needed warmth to any room during the winter month’s, make as a fun DIY project with friends, or as a lovely handmade gift for a loved one.

Here’s how you can craft a crocheted giant circular rug with no tools or talent:

1. 7 our more pounds of Marino Wool Roving

2. A stitch marker holder or scrap piece of yarn to place on the final stitch of every round to keep track.

3. Start with 6 stitches and increase the stitched rounds by 6 on each round.

4. Using only your hands!

5. The below video will help guide you.

Steps_to_DIY_crochetd giant circular rug crocheting_no_tools_giant_rugtool_free_crochet_giant_circular_rugplace_a_marker_to_end_stitch_roundscrocheted giant circular rug in 8 minutesDIY_rug_handmade_gift

Have fun DIY’ing your handmade crocheted giant circular rug!

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