Diary of a Sad Cat as Written by a Cat (Video)





Aslan the cat sad diary

Dear Diary, (Aslan’s Diary of a Sad Cat Moment)

I awoke this morning to the sounds of my authority’s pitter patter on the floor, early it was, but I decided it was time to announce my presence. As I do every day, I had expected my greetings with a smile and a rub when I discovered something horrid as I did my elongated stretch against her knees. My authority was watching a video…about cats.

Not only was I disgusted that my authority was watching videos of cats, I was appalled that there was no mention of me, thus I have taken over her blog in hopes to grab her attention and those of her readers.

As I caught her viewing a YouTube video “Sad Cat Diary”, it had inspired me to put pen to paw…err….paw to keyboard and spew my concerns for other cats that might encounter their authorities taking their eyes off of them and onto the video included in this scratch post…err…blog post.

Now, with that said, I could not help but over hear the complaints these other make of my species had within the video and although I am disappointed that my authority was viewing a cat video, I cannot help but feel the pains of my furry people.

I too have suffered from bowls half empty, thumb tacks that I thought were for sure an insect and unappreciated mice gifts brought to the doorstep, okay I didn’t touch the filth but know family members who have, and suffered in their sadness of its rejection.

I am a catdren (cat + children), and I am not owned. I like to be pet when I decide I want to be social and I do not like other things taking time away from the time I have allotted my authority to spend time with me. This is not the first time I have taken to the keyboard, but it is the first time my sentences did not look like “hakuennwejh” when I jumped up on it.

Therefore, I hope that other catdren’s will not want to scrap with me over sharing the cries of our fellow brothers and sisters in order to bring awareness to the two legged furless figures within our homes. It will disgust you to see them watch videos of cats as it did me, but once you hear the importance of spreading our first world cat problems globally I hope that someday we can roll around in some cat nip together…until then.



CAUTION: May upset fellow catdren’s upon viewing.


Aslan is a Calico Persian cat that is softer than a cotton ball. She is eccentric and sees things that are not really there. Aslan loves her twin sister Milaya and they are inseparable, as Milaya will find Aslan no matter where she roams. Aslan loves insects and will hunt them until they forfeit their right to be within the house.

An indoor cat, Aslan enjoys talking and talking and… talking. She often likes to scratch on the door closed behind her in hopes that it wasn’t done on purpose. Aslan likes to have her “big old fat belly” rubbed and had a “scarfy” as a kitten. Aslan is owned by Erin Ryan…or so Erin thinks.

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