Charlie the Unicorn Viral Video Returns after 3 Years







In 2005, we were introduced to what has become the most popular video sharing site, YouTube, that same year YouTube had discovered one of its very first viral video hits with the very first installment of Charlie the Unicorn, a cartoon featuring a Unicorn with two red and blue trouble making sidekicks that wreak havoc on the forest they live in and make odd adventures that often put Charlie in harm’s way.

Charlie the Unicorn (also known as Charlie teh Unicron) reached 60 million views which was one of YouTube’s first biggest hits and one of the first videos that opened the eyes of many of how powerful a site YouTube was and would come to be. In 2008-2009 Charlie returned with more successful episodes and with the wittiness of the three unicorns and other funny supporting characters has turned a simple cartoon into an instant sensation.

Of course since then many videos on YouTube have gone viral and many thought that perhaps we had seen the end of Charlie and his adventures, until now. After three years of no Charlie, he has returned with his red and blue sidekicks to travel into space to the moon, where he conquers a weird millipede bug, is tricked by red and blue and is nearly blown to bits, when starfish appears and grants him a wish to go back to earth. The question is does he make it in time? Or is this the end of Charlie the Unicorn once and for all?

Though Charlie is the main character he often falls for the evil antics of the red and blue supporting unicorns and those two sure kick up a riot that can cause a good belly laugh or two. Find out what Charlie is up to after 3 years and see if one of the original viral videos is as funny as you remember it.


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