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Cell Phone Accessory PopSockets

It is surprising that a cell phone accessory that makes the capabilities of a mobile device easier was not invented prior to 2012.

Cell phone cases are cute and can show personality, but lack improving the usability of our phones, making handling of our cell phones render as useless.

Perhaps being in the era of “selfies” has played a role in needing some additional cell phone accessories to keep up with the trends that are in need of the physical enhancement of smartphones.

Although, long before “selfies”, mobile users enjoyed using smartphones as they were intended; by taking pictures, making video and listening to music.

Yet, nothing has compared with the simplicity of this newly discovered cell phone accessory. Let us enlighten you.

A Brief History of PopSockets

In 2012, the PopSockets CEO, David Barnett decided to glue two buttons to his cell phone. He was looking for a way to wrap his earbuds to his phone neatly and without hassle, and although he was made fun of, the two buttons did the job.

Inspiring Barnett to expand on his idea by adding plastic accordions to have the buttons pop out to provide the phone a stand and grip for better handling.

Barnett took it even further and created a Kickstarter campaign, one that proved to be very successful. Though it took some time, the innovative cell phone accessory became available to the public in January, 2014.

As of January 2016 (only two years after its launch), this simplistic, innovative, yet affordable cell phone accessory sold its one-millionth PopSocket.

You can now easily find PopSockets online and in some retail stores; like T-Mobile, Sam’s Club and others yet to come.

What are PopSockets? The Cell Phone Accessory That Will Transform Your Life

Now that we know how the cell phone accessory PopSockets were created, it is now time to find out how they will transform your life.

PopSockets Cell Phone Accessory

Firstly, this cell phone accessory is excitingly affordable, at roughly, $10 a PopSocket.

Their simplistic design makes them appealing and their ease in providing solutions to common mobile device usability issues, is a breath of fresh air.

PopSockets have multiple purposes. They easily stick onto your phone without leaving residue and are removable so you can find the right spot on your device to place them. You will now be able to grip your phone unlike ever before.

These little helpers fit on any phone or tablet, and with their innovative design, they pop up and collapse with a simple push of…a…well…button.

Their design is in fact still reminiscent of the original concept Barnett came up with four years ago, with obvious modifications to make them desirable to the masses.

PopSockets Best Cell Phone Accessory

You only really need one PopSocket to have as your main cell phone accessory; to use as a grip or stand for your phone. Adding two, make a great spot to wrap and store your ear buds or for easier use of your tablet.

PopSockets Wrap Ear Bud Cords

PopSockets Best Tablet Holder

PopSockets make for the ideal stand for when you want to go hands-free. Just pop open the PopSockets on your device and collapse them when you want to put them in your purse or pocket.

These handy accessories can also be placed in a mounted PopSocket PopClip, so you can go hands-free within your car, locker or anywhere you see fit.

PopSockets PopClip Cell Phone Accessory

This way, you don’t have to worry about the phone you own when you have PopSockets attached, instead, they simply fit into the mounted PopClip.

To top it all off, you are able to customize your PopSockets! Choose from their library of pre-existing templates and colors, or upload your very own design. Improving your cell phone capabilities and still keeping you stylish.

PopSockets Customizable Cell Phone Accessory

Simply put, PopSockets are a life-changing cell phone accessory that everyone should own. They pop, collapse, grip and stand. They make an affordable investment too, since after all, a good chunk of our daily lives are spent on technological devices.

PopSockets will transform your life forever.

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