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Buffer and Feedly Apps

Buffer has made a big announcement, that today they have begun a relationship with another well-known app, Feedly.  Buffer, an app used to schedule articles, videos and images to various connected social sites that include, Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter for now. It is what I would consider to be the BEST social scheduling app there is and use it myself to always remain socially sharing relevant news.

Feedly, is an app that allows you to easily add sites and blogs that you enjoy to one spot so you can not only read their latest posts but are able to find and share content that appeases you and your intended audience. It is fast, stylish and a super simple way to keep up with your favorite sites (much like bookmarking made easy). Not only can you add Feedly currently for free to the Firefox browser, you are also able to download the app to your Android or iOS smartphones.

Now these two useful powerhouses are teaming up to make the life of a social media specialist or persons who enjoy sharing content continuously a much easier process.  Not only is Feedly well designed and user friendly; since it is available on your browser to your smartphone it also allows for syncing.

Buffer and Feedly Seamless Sharing

With its ease of grabbing content and popularity as a newsreading site/app it is no wonder Buffer is now partnering with them to integrate Feedly within the Buffer platform without loss of beautifully embedded design. Whether you are a newshound or would rather stick to sites you prefer Feedly provides both with an RSS reader option.

No matter if you are on your computer, tablet or smartphone you will not only be able to seamlessly find share-worthy content or content personalized to site preferences you will now have more than enough quality articles that can be easily shared amongst your social networks at the chosen times you choose when using Buffer to allow you to spend more time socializing and less time searching.


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