A Dear Diary Moment: A Breaking Bad Series Finale Goodbye Letter




Breaking Bad Series Finale Goodbye

Dear Breaking Bad,

The Breaking Bad Series Finale has had me on the edge of my seat all week long. Knowing that the end is near is bittersweet. On one hand I want to see how it will all play out and on the other hand I do not want you to end at all. I am ill prepared to say the least.

It didn’t take me long to become an instant diehard fan of the show, literally, you had me at tighty whitey’s. We journeyed together through the early stages of Walt’s weaknesses, the bullying of Hank, to the pending death sentence of cancer that started it all.

We watched as you popped open THE hat that turned Walt into Heisenberg and shared in the unique connection of Walt’s double life, since for a period in time, we were the only ones who knew, besides Jesse of course.

We were glued to the set when it all began to unravel and “better call Saul” was one of the best decisions Jesse made. It is always good to know a guy, who knows a guy that knows a guy, and he was your guy. Saul Goodman made us laugh often with his snide remarks, but he too, helped Walt in becoming a King (all hail the king).

DING DING DING will always ring in my mind as a memory when Tuco pulled Jesse and Walt into the Mexican Cartel (Hello Hector) and Fried Chicken will always leave a moment of silence for Gus Fring. Oh and Mike…see ya bye.

Ding Ding Ding Breaking Bad

Flies will remind us of the time when the lab was “contaminated” and how science played its own role within the show. We will never forget the Jesse and Walt moments and the odd bond they shared together whether they hated or loved each other at any given moment.

We will always “remember your name” as it will live on long after the Breaking Bad Series Finale. We know that “you are the one who knocks” out any other TV Shows and we will certainly “tread lightly” as we carry on with our lives without you. You will always “BE the Danger!”

It certainly feels like an unwanted break up with Breaking Bad is about to occur, and the anticipation is unnerving. Yet, The Breaking Bad Series Finale is approaching and it will be Breaking Hearts around the globe to say goodbye to the BEST show on television.

But since we must part ways come Sunday September 29 2013, I wanted to take a moment to remember all the labs we’ve shared, the “Yo’s” that were said and how you taught us to “Apply Ourselves”. Because of you, RV’s will never be looked at the same again and neither will any other television show.

As we zip up our Hazmat suits for the last time, Sunday nights will not be the same without you.

For one last time: “Yeah Science.”…Goodbye Breaking Bad.


A BBAddict

Goodbye Breaking Bad Letter

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