Breaking Bad Parody Acts as a Genius Marketing Ploy for Jimmy Fallon




Breaking Bad Parody Jimmy Fallon

With the success that has followed the TV Show, Breaking Bad, so come the parodies, but this specific Breaking Bad Parody will make you go “DING”.

Not only is it full of similar re-enactments from the popular AMC drama, but it is meant as a marketing piece for the Late Night TV Host, Jimmy Fallon. As many of you know, he is going to soon be taking over The Tonight Show, currently hosted by Jay Leno. So pairing the most popular show on television with his future switch in late night makes this a win for Jimmy Fallon and a treat for Breaking Bad fans.

In this Breaking Bad Parody, Jimmy Fallon assumes the role as Walter White, his head writer plays Hank and the premise of the Parody is based on selling jokes, not crystal meth. Other actors will portray well-known characters from the television show with similar scenes fans will remember but with the twist of it being about jokes.

Not only does this Breaking Bad Parody have you reminisce about past Breaking Bad episodes, but it too showcases the upcoming change in Late Night Television. Late Night Host and Comedian, Jimmy Fallon will soon be taking Jay Leno’s place on the Tonight Show and in the creation of this attention getting Breaking Bad parody, he uses it as a genius marketing ploy.

Of course, you will get a kick out of seeing some of the guest stars that are actually from Breaking Bad like Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Bob Odenkirk who make brief appearances. Titled “Joking Bad” you will definitely get a kick out of how cleverly Jimmy Fallon markets himself and you will be surprised by the ending, it is a scene stealer for sure.

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