The Psychological Break Down of Breaking Bad Homes [Infographic]




Break Down of Breaking Bad Homes [Infographic]

The Breaking Bad homes each played their role in the popular television series. The Producers of the show ensured each set, prop and color scheme were filled with symbolism. Unbeknown to many of even the hardcore fans, each piece within a scene meant something, and captivated the audience even further within the show.

Fans of Breaking Bad (RIP) were already impressed by the actors, the immaculate writing and the type of directing that made us all feel as though we were a part of the show. However, learning the psychology of the Breaking Bad homes adds a nice touch, even though the show has now ended.

The symbols within the Breaking Bad Homes broken down will help you feel even closer to the characters that you already loved and even more so, uncover some “hidden” character traits for those who are still watching.

You may or may not have noticed the furniture within the White’s home but they were all of different color. Normally, people purchase matching sets when buying furniture, right? In the instance of Skylar’s and Walt’s home, having various furnishings displays a lack of conformity.  The furniture in this one out of many Breaking Bad homes displayed disarray, which is an added feel to the truth of what was occurring within their home.

Even the props within the Breaking Bad homes play their own significant role within the storytelling.  For instance, the picture hanging in the dining room within the White’s home behind Walt is that of a sailboat out of water. Even though we may not have noticed it while watching Mr. White at the dining table many times throughout the show, this sailboat out of water image was placed to signify that he was “out of his depth”.

The psychology used within the show truly helped unconsciously, but it is always more fun to know how much the actual Breaking Bad Homes played their part in why we loved Breaking Bad so much.

Discover more meanings in the infographic below, and keep your lighter burning a little longer for Breaking Bad.

The Psychological Break Down of Breaking Bad Homes

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