UPDATED: Brand New Look for Facebook Pages: The Breakdown

UPDATED: Brand New Look for Facebook Pages: The Breakdown>Today, Facebook began rolling out a brand new look for Facebook pages. This means that when you go to a page you own or are  administer to, you will be able to preview and upgrade to their new look. We will give you the break down of these recent changes and keep you updated as we learn more.

Here is what you will see when visiting your page.

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what you will see when visiting your page

Here is what a Facebook Page looked like prior to Facebook’s recent change.

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what a Facebook Page looked like prior to Facebook’s recent change

Here is what will change on you Facebook Page:

1. Showcase Your Latest Photos

The tabs that use to be at the top of your pages newsfeed is now located on the left-hand side under your banner. In its place, you are now able to highlight your pages photos. Photos posted by fans will not show, only wall photos or tagged photos will be displayed. If you want to hide the photos feature, click the X.

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Showcase latest photos on Facebook Page

2. Navigation

Just like a personal profile, navigation for your page will no longer be at the top, but instead on the left-hand side of your page.

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Navigation on Faceboook Pages

3. Show the Top Posts on Your Wall

Your page will now have two wall filters. You can choose to show posts by your page and top posts by everyone for people who have “liked” your page to see your most interesting stories first. As an admin, you will have additional filters for viewing posts on your page. To set a default filter for your wall, go to “Edit Settings”.

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Show Top Posts on Facebook Page Wall

4. Use Facebook as Your Page

You are now able to interact on Facebook via your page. This means that you will be able to connect with people and other pages as your page, as an identity. With this newest feature, you will be able to receive notifications when fans interact with your page or post. To see activity from the pages you like in your news feed. You will be able to “like” other pages, feature them on your page, and make comments as your page on other pages. To use your page as your identity on Facebook you must go to your “Account” and select “Use Facebook as Page”.

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Use Facebook As your Page

5. New Settings

As a page owner or admin, you are now able to set defaults for your e-mail notifications and how you post to your page – as yourself (personal profile) or as your page. You now have the flexibility to select which featured pages you want to appear in the left column.

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select which featured pages you want to appear in the left column

As of right now you will still have the ability to switch back to the old look of Facebook Pages while in preview mode. You can click to upgrade, which will prompt a screen to upgrade all of your pages – which you can select which pages you would want upgraded by an “upgrade” button or you can click the “upgrade all pages now” button.

Regardless, all pages will be automatically upgraded on March 1st 2011. If you decide to upgrade prior to this date, you will not be able to switch back and all admins will be notified of the changes via e-mail.

These new changes give Facebook Owners more control over their existence on Facebook, allowing pages to socialize as a business with customers or with people in general. The notifications feature will be useful for online sentiment monitoring and staying on top of your online reputation management while using Facebook. These seem to be positive steps for Facebook’s future relationship as a business tool.

See our Facebook page as it is upgraded.

UPDATED: Here is a quick summary of Facebook Page Changes, with some you may not know about.

1. Photo strip above the Wall (with most recent photos you posted or tagged)
2. Tabs move over to the left panel, in the form of a list (maximum of 6 above the fold)
3. Profile picture reduced from 200 x 600 pixels to 180 x 540
4. Blurb box that was below the Page picture moved to info tab
5. Pages can Like other Pages, not just favorite them
6. Featured Pages and Admins
7. Page category
8. Choice for Wall posts between “Everyone” and Page posts only
9. Mutual Friends and Interests section
10. Ability to interact on Facebook as your Page
11. Ability for admins to post and comment around the site under their Page’s alias
12. News feed of updates from Liked Pages
13. Pages can now feature iFrame tab applications
14. Email notifications when users post or comment.

What do you think of these recent changes?


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