Block Out the Light with these Geeky Spaceship Window Blinds of Your Favorite Sci-Fi Series

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The summer days are nearing and that means we will have more sunlight as spring has proven with its daylight savings time. Although we love the sunshine, when we want to nap during the day or perhaps we need to sleep due to working over nights; catching some shut eye requires us to shut out the sun too.

We need window blinds to achieve the dark effect our bodies crave but boring blinds cramp our style, besides, why would we go bland when we can have geeky spaceship blinds to darken our rooms?

Make your rooms look more unique by dressing your windows in wireframe, roller blinds that keep out the light while displaying spaceships from Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica, not to mention the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Using science fiction to become a piece of artwork on your window blinds.

Unlike the vertical or horizontal blinds that we are used to; these blinds won’t need as much up keeping as they literally just roll up with a quick pull. Window dressings will never be the same as you use vessels from your favorite sci-fi series to block the sun from entering any room you choose.

Not only can you choose from a variety of blinds, you can also have your geeky spaceship blinds on an array of colors to match your design and décor.

To boot these geeky window roller blinds are not only spectacular to admire, they too blackout the room, are fire resistant, moisture resistant and energy saving. No longer do our window treatments need to look dull or out of place. Nor do they have to be a solid color. These Geeky Spaceship window blinds of your favorite sci-fi series will incorporate art beyond your walls and onto your window dressings.

TARDIS Doctor Who Window Blind



Bird of Prey Window Dressing



  Millennium Wireframe Spaceship Blind



Enterprise Geeky Window Blind



Slave Window Blind



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