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Monitor Your Online Marketing Performance

If you are running a website or websites on your own at a local company or as part of a marketing team for a business branch, the job will consist of checking on your website’s online marketing performance. Whether you want to check for updates before work, after work, or anytime for that matter, the best smartphone apps for Android and iPhone can help you stay on top of your online marketing progress to keep up on website analytics, keyword ranking, and managing social media metrics and online campaigns.

Website Analytics

One of the top Android apps to communicate and share reports that cover website analytics from social media accounts, keyword position, and the health of your site is the SEO Serp App. The basic version helps you keep track of your website position in the Google results page as well as keeps tabs on Google caching, archiving, IP address(es) and WHOIS information. If you upgrade to the Pro version of SEO Serp, you will have access to an unlimited number of keywords as well as the ability to keep track of the history and separate widget for each keyword.

Need to check Google Analytics for your website(s) with an Apple account? Quicklytics can be accessed with any Apple account and device by checking up on your websites stats in real time or customize reports for different time periods. Quicklytics also makes it very easy for the user to check and compare their multiple websites quickly by simply swiping the screen.

Manage Social Media Metrics and Online Campaigns

Like your main domain website or sites for your product or service, you will need to keep tabs on all of your social media account and online campaign metrics. Again, SEO Serp App for Android devices is an excellent app to keep track of your different social media accounts online, but another app to consider that is available for both Android and iPhone devices is HootSuite. This particular app is perfect if you or other workers in your company prefer to use different devices. However, with iPhone, there are a couple extra social media options including:

  • “Bump” to add followers
  • Message based on geo-location
  • Translate messages to and from over 50 different languages

Just because the Android does not have these three options (yet?), doesn’t mean you should skip out on using it to monitor your online marketing performance. With HootSuite for Android, you can still do the following:

  • Monitor multiple social identity accounts
  • Receive background notifications on updates
  • Create custom views for keyword tags and searches

If you want to keep track of a specific online marketing campaign for your website or social media accounts, try the SiteCatalyst app for iPhone. To understand the status of your online marketing campaign, SiteCatalyst keeps track of KPIs and real-time visitors. Next the app converts all of the information into metric data you can understand and share with the rest of your team and company which is extremely helpful as far as amping up your small business website design and campaign if you are a local company. This single data source creates and customizes dashboards and reports that can be accessed on your mobile device, desktop, and HD displays so you can share that data with anyone and anywhere to help grow your company.

Best Apps Online Marketing Performance

Keyword Ranking

When it comes to monitoring your website’s progress, it is very important to keep track of keyword rankings on your website and in the search engines. Two of the best apps that are specialized just for keyword ranking are SECockpit for Android and Fast Analytics for iPhone. SECockpit or Search Engine Cockpit researches and generates keywords as well as offer data on CPC prices and number of recent searches for a particular keyword for free! Fast Analytics helps create not only reports for keywords and online content, but reports regarding visitor engagement from different browsers and countries as well.


Whether there is one or several different aspects of online marketing that you wish to focus on from either your Android or iPhone device, you will be able to improve your online website presence with these apps. Is there an app you recommend to monitor your business’ online marketing performance and presence?


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