Baby Gets Hypnotized by Biggie Smalls Song

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You know how it is when you have a crying baby, you will do just about anything to try and calm and comfort the child in order to settle him or her down and soothe them from their upset.

As many of you parents out there can most likely relate to the feeling of wanting to find something that will end the crying whether it is during the day or night. Some will try and provide a cute little toy or holding him or her while in a rocking chair. Others may try singing lullabies to serenade the infant back to sleep or make numerous attempts at feeding, changing or cuddling in hopes that the cry would end and baby would be content once again.

Although you are trying to comfort the sounds of frustration from a child who is unable to cognitively express themselves any further, sometimes your efforts do not avail no matter the solution you provide.

Then, all of a sudden something what seems to come out of nowhere will help in making the crying stop, literally come to a halt without you even trying and it can come from the most unusual moments or things that can be a part of our daily lives.

The YouTube channel berge95 shows us just that, a moment that is surprising, hopeful and humorous all at the same time. As the parents come to learn that their small sweet baby will calm down to the rapping sounds of the Notorious B.I.G [a.k.a Biggie Smalls], a well-known rapper from the early nineties.

Once his lyrical rhymes begin, little baby will seize crying, but there is a catch, if you turn the tunes of Biggie off you can expect she will cry on cue, it is just too cute!


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