Are You an Influencer? 4 Ways to Measure Your Influence Online

As a person or brand utilizing Social Media, you exert a lot of time and labor into your variety of social networks. All that energy needs recognition to see how much influence or authority you actually add to your online connections.

Due to the amount of people flooding your streams you may be uncertain just how you place in amongst the Social Media Sea. There are online tools that you can benefit from by viewing your online influence and see how and where you can improve. This is imperative feedback to increase your influence and experience with your following.

Here are 4 Ways to Measure Your Influence Online:

1. Klout: Is an online measuring tool that reviews your social connections in a variety of ways. You can connect your Facebook Profile and Twitter Account, with these associated accounts, Klout analyzes the way you socialize in the following ways:

Klout Score – Measures your overall influence online.

True Reach – Measures the size of your engaged audience.

Amplification – Displays the likeliness that people will act upon your content.

Network – Highlights the influence level of your engaged audience.

Klout is a free site and only requires a quick sign-up to view your entire profile. However, you can observe an overview just by typing in yours or another person’s Twitter handle. It will also show your classification, who you influence the most on Twitter, and who influences you or your brand. Klout has become a credible source within the Social Media Industry.

2. PeerIndex: Although this measuring tool is still in beta, PeerIndex measures your Social Media authority and effectiveness on Twitter. Here is what PeerIndex analyzes:

Activity Rank – Displays how active you are in your Twitter community.

Authority – Highlights your influence in your community.

Audience – How many people are actually paying attention to your online activity.

PeerIndex shows your top topics content sources. They also use a graph made of different popular topics and indicates which topics you touch on most, called your “Topic Fingerprint”. Resonance ranks are measured between 0-100, if you have a 40+ score you are in the top 10% of that topic group. If you are 90+, you are in the 0.1% of the topic group. Your final PeerIndex is a combination of your Activity, Authority and Audience ranks.

3. TwitterGrader: Measures your Twitter popularity. You are able to see how you rank amongst your Twitter peers and grades your Account out of 100. You can easily check who is following you and see whom the Twitter Elites are. They have a hashtag search tool and a tools feature in the navigation menu.

TwitterGrader is a superb and simple way to view your influence on Twitter.

4. PostRank: Is the mega for measuring your Social Media influence, giving you the ability to connect with 20 social networks. With its intelligence data, you can view your connections and information across the web in real-time.  They have 4 products:

Publishers Analytics – This tool allows you to connect with your audience, displaying your data over the web. Showing studies that 80% of your engagement does not happen on your site. You can increase your influence and audience with this tool.

PostRank Connect (Beta) – You can use this tool to connect with influencers across the web.

Data Services – This tool shows real-time and historical information across the web that provides information for PR or Media professionals with analytics and competitive intelligence data.

Top Ranked Content – You are given access to the top content on the Internet.

These 4 ways to measure your online influence can benefit your Social Media purpose and assist in targeting a closer connected audience. The best way to be influential amongst your social networks is to engage, provide quality content, share and to be genuine.

Have you used any of the recommend tools?


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