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UPDATED: Maker Studios has now launched a new division known as RPM Networks! RPM Networks is a new network created by Maker Studios that has been designed for all YouTubers. Take your first step into the Maker family by joining RPM, a new subdivision that enables a brand new community with a wider YouTube audience. Also, a correction has been made, you will still be able to apply through Social Blade for Partnership Channels, now with RPM Networks, you will still receive all the features that you would as a YouTube Partner but YouTube owns the rights to “YouTube Partnership”.

If you are a YouTube user and have yet to try out this free site, you are missing out on some valuable statistical data regarding your channel. Social Blade provides stats on how well you rank in amongst the 232,860+ channels within the YouTube database that are daily tracked as well as the ability to view hourly or daily gained subscribers, and provides the information on how much you could potentially make if you partnered with YouTube.

There is exciting news for YouTube users, as they are now able to apply for partnership through the popular and quickly growing YouTube stats site, Social Blade.

Now, Social Blade also offers the ability to apply for Partnership on your channel right from the Social Blade website, Powered by Maker Studios, RPM Networks subdivision.

What does it mean to Apply for Partnership through Social Blade Stats Website?

Applying for Channel Partnership through Social Blade will cultivate new and existing talent to the next level that will build lasting brands and engaged audiences, furthering your YouTube career. Applying via Social Blade stats for partnership will help those who are accepted with five times more views than other networks, while allowing you to retain 100% creative control over your channel and created video content. If you are applicable a button will appear on the Social Blade YouTube stats site encouraging you to apply, if you are not, you will not see the button.  Be aware that while testing this out the bar to apply is raised high and as Social Blade streamline things they will be opening it up to a broader audience, so check back regularly.

6 Reasons Why Applying for Channel Partnership via Social Blade is the Right Choice.

Since the application process is powered by Maker Studios, as an accepted partner you will receive a transparent and meaningful partnership. This means, that you, the user will be treated fairly and have easy access to support unlike anywhere else. Here are six reasons you should take advantage of this new Social Blade YouTube stats feature.

1. Increased Revenue: If you are accepted, you will be exposed to more advertising.

2. Network Manager: A Network Manager will be assigned to those who are accepted in order to answer any questions you may have.

3. Transparency: Users will have access to revenue estimates.

4. YouTube Tips: Applicants that are accepted will be given expert tips regularly, to help you optimize your channel.

5. Community: Your accepted channel will be added to a community of channels with similar interests and help with leveraging interests for you.

6. Access to an Active Sales Team: Accepted applicants will have help to competitively position network channels to maximize their value in the market.

This and much more is all possible to YouTube users who apply and are accepted. Therefore Social Blade’s creator and maintainer, Urgo (YouTube channel Urgo6667) wanted to ensure that those that utilize Social Blade’s YouTube stats had easy access to the application directly from the site that has become loved by so many YouTube users, Social Blade.


With this great announcement I was fortunate enough to grab some exclusive time with Urgo in amongst his hectic schedule, for those who do not know, Urgo and I have been good friends for 4 years this April, and once as co-hosts of the year and a half long web show, the Social Blade Show, which you can watch all recorded episodes right till it ended directly from Social Blade’s YouTube Channel, it was a treat to interview with him then, to interviewing him now regarding how the Social Blade enterprise began and how it has evolved.


For those who do not know you personally, who is Urgo? What makes you tick?

Urgo: “I am a person who loves technology so much that I made it my career as a programmer. I also play around with Technology in my spare time. That is how Social Blade began, as a hobby, and it is continuing to grow with added features and opportunities such as applying for Partnership. At the end of the day, I am just a geek, I love tinkering with various technologies and sharing my passion with the Internet. Oh, and I love long walks on the beach…”

(Interviewer Note: I actually wrote “Oh, and I love long walks on the beach…” with Urgo’s permission.)

When did you first start using YouTube?

Urgo: “I joined YouTube on Jan. 26th 2007, although I used it to view videos prior, but decided to create an account for work, so technically I began using it for personal use on July 7th of the same year when I got a new HD camera and went to my first big YouTube gathering 777. Afterwards I rushed home to edit and uploaded the video which then was featured by YouTube making that video the 11th most viewed that day.”

What is it about YouTube that makes it your Social Network of choice?

Urgo: “Just the way you can interact with people more than 140 characters without having to cram thoughts into written words.”

Does that mean Twitter is your Second Favorite Social Network of Choice?

Urgo: “Yes. Then Google+ and then *whispers* Facebook.”

Do you have a Favorite YouTube Star?

Urgo: “I guess if I had to choose out of all my years on YouTube I would say my favorite YouTube star is Nalts, I have met and collaborated with him and now consider him a friend.  I actually have a video I created at Nalts house, that when played, my dog Ender goes crazy, almost like he is saying hi.”

What Made you Create Social Blade?

Urgo: “Social Blade was originally created to track the social bookmarking site, Digg but in amongst the Digg changes, I was drawn more towards YouTube.  The Social Blade Show was then created and co-hosted by five regular hosts (which included Erin) who discussed weekly Social Media news and interviewed guests within the Industry, which ended in early 2011. As I live for statistical data and my interest grew for YouTube, I used a site that monitored stats and after it shut down permanently, I decided to use my programming skills to create my own and even better YouTube stats website that was free for everyone, hence Social Blade YouTube stats was born.”

What Inspired you to Enable YouTube Users the Ability to Apply for Partnership via Social Blade?

Urgo: “I guess over the years of using YouTube, one of the things I tried to do is help users succeed while using the site. While creating the YouTube Orbit’s channel and community (name coined by Nalts, funny enough), where YouTube users make a video a day for an entire year, I was pleased that so many of my friends gained partnership. Since Social Blade YouTube Stats has grown so much I am happy to be able to offer it to people in general. I am all about people succeeding on the site and I am glad I can be a part of it.”

What is the Best Advice you would Give to a New YouTuber?

Urgo:  “Don’t give up. When you first start posting videos, no one will be watching them but as you build your channel and if you are passionate about your videos, the views will follow. Do not make videos to just get views or to make money, do it because you enjoy creating and sharing them.”

Check out Urgo talking about how you can apply via Social Blade.

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