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The 2014 SEO outline is happening now.

The latest update on the Google algorithm called Hummingbird has made a significant impact on how content is marketed with search engine optimization. Emphasis is made by the Hummingbird on making content more relevant based on the concept derived from search queries and the content authority to merit its search engine rank page. Because Google ranking is important in order to drive traffic to a blog or business site, understanding the latest trend in SEO outline for writing content by 2014 is crucial for any web marketer and SEO professionals.

The Hummingbird on content marketing

Marketing content is one way to drive traffic to a site. It is a tool that online marketers use to capitalize their SEO efforts in order to gain better website traffic on search and to boost their Google ranking. Your content, to be Hummingbird friendly, needs to produce informative and quality content that will provide solutions to your readers. Moreover, it should be able to address long tail queries made by the search engine users to provide the content with more relevance on search. The Hummingbird algorithm is driven towards understanding the concept behind the conversational queries made by the search engine users in order to deliver more relevant search results. Thus, you need to optimize content based on long tail phrases or complex phrases used when making query on the search engine.

SEO Outline on content and authority

What makes your search engine optimization campaign more significant to the Hummingbird algorithm is building your content authority and website presence on search. The latest Google algorithm uses concepts in order to effectively address the complexity of search queries being made by the search engine users these days. It tries to understand the concept behind the long phrases used when making a query thus optimizing your content using targeted keywords or phrases may no longer become relevant with the Hummingbird. Instead, your efforts should be one directed in using the more conversational queries as your keywords when optimizing content.

How your content should be optimized

Content can be optimized by making it relevant to the Hummingbird update. Building your authority to your niche will help you gain more readers and this will help optimize your link building efforts as part of your content SEO campaign.

  1. Build your authority through the social media channels. The more people share your content within their social media network, the better exposure you gain online.
  2. Build your Google rank by driving more traffic to your site through social media sharing.
  3. Write high quality content that will make it worth sharing by your readers. As more people get interested to your content, the more authoritative your content becomes in the eye of the Hummingbird algorithm.
  4. Instead of using keyword SEO the traditional way, try to take a different direction of thinking the way the search engine users do and use the trending conversational phrases they use when making a query from the search engine to optimize your content keyword SEO results.
  5. Take advantage of using social sharing as part of your link building efforts in optimizing your Google ranking by building natural and organic links to your content.

The future of Content SEO with the Hummingbird updates

Your website’s Google ranking will certainly be affected by the Hummingbird algorithm. It is predicted that in the future more updates on the Google algorithm will be unleashed but you can help maintain your online presence positioning on the search engine by sticking to the general rule in content marketing which is providing high quality and relevant content that will be helpful to your readers and by building organic traffic to your content.


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