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Cap'n Crunch

One of the most beloved cereal characters was created in 1963; Cap’n Crunch was placed upon tables a mere 50 years ago. Its cereal of sweetened corn and oats made mornings a delicious way to wake up for kids.  Today, the cereal is still a favorite among kids and adults, so much so, that people want him to have his own late night talk show.

Although the cereal was manufactured so many years ago by Quaker Oats Company, it has still remained the very same even after the company becoming a division of Pepsico in 2001.

Firstly, who doesn’t love The Cap’n and his mustache? HD close ups are no trouble for the Cap’n either, as milk leaves his skin a glow.

Humor has always been king of late night talk shows no matter who the host was. According to Social Media, many can see Cap’n Crunch fill the shoes of the likes of Johnny Carson to Jimmy Fallon. There are so many humorous ways that The Cap’n can display his late night humor straight from a cereal bowl.

One of the pranks he could pull is to “spoon” a guest in the face while both sitting in a bowl of Cap’n Crunch Cereal. He could do a cannon ball into the bowl of corned sweetness to wringing out his ‘stache of milk.

Like many late night talk show hosts he too could have a side-kick known as the Seadog, who doesn’t love dogs?

There are already 1,532,814 who have signed a petition to have Cap’n Crunch be a late night talk show host and socially, you can join the fun too.  As hashtags have gain popularity their campaign for this Cereal Character to hit the airwaves has joined the hashtag club by using #TeamCrunch. The interactions on your social networks using the hashtag will signify your petition of the Social Media yearn for Cap’n Crunch to take over late night.

Click the Infographic for more reasons on why Cap’n Crunch would make a terrific late night talk show host, or for the giggle at least.

The Cap'n Crunch Show - #TeamCrunch - Top 5 reasons why Cap'n Crunch is a spectacular late-night talk show host.
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