An In-Depth Look at How Bing and Instagram on Klout Affects You Personally and Professionally

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Bing Instagram Klout Affects You

Besides the additional boost in your Klout score, it is good to know how Klout adding Bing and Instagram actually works within the Klout algorithm to calculate its data to produce the overall Klout number. First, be aware that Instagram power users will see the most increase, but as long as you have had your Instagram account connected to Klout you will see a 1 to 5 number jump in your score.

Fortunately, no Klout user score will decrease due to these new additions at first; of course it will be your activities on Instagram and Bing that will keep affecting the overall score in the coming days as all of your socially connected accounts do.

How Does Bing on Klout Affect its Users?

Be aware that even the search engine Bing needs to be manually connected if you want it to count so you will want to go to your connected settings to connect Bing to Klout. As of last year, Klout had partnered up with Bing without seeing a lot of changes on the users end and now its benefits will finally affect its users to help expand their influence reach.

The search results from Bing regarding you will now factor into the Klout algorithm which will be especially fruitful for those who are active on social networks as well as have a strong web presence. This is yet another form of calculating influence, by adding the first search engine to see a Klout score within a search. Helping others who search for you on Bing to not only see your social profiles, but your Klout score too. This can inflict benefits for potential employers or others who are searching for you on Bing to get to know you better.

Using search as a signal for influence is one of the first moves of seeing how closely search is becoming relevant in our social sphere. The best results for your Klout score to match your actual influence is to be done with trying to target Klout Perks, but rather topics that you have true skill in as you would on your LinkedIn profile.

Whether you take Klout seriously or not is up to you, however, if you choose to have Klout connected, you need to understand that your Klout Score is going to become increasingly more important to others, especially from a business perspective. So now is the time to make sure your Klout topics actually reflect you appropriately to protect you from a negative outcome based on your Klout. Klout adding Bing allows others to see your influence on Bing, not just on Klout and that should matter to you.

How Does Instagram on Klout Affect its Users?

Instagram is a visual social site that allows us to share experiences through photos and although you can connect your Flickr account to Klout, Instagram is an entirely different experience. As a real-time photo sharing site, you are uploading images in amongst others images within a newsfeed for users to be able to travel the globe instantly and like up what they see with the now famous double-tap heart. Unlike Flickr, Instagram is more of a social network since it acts much like Twitter and Facebook with a newsfeed that are made up of images instead of text.

With its abilities to leave comments and calculate popular photos that you have taken, it has become one of the most requested social image sharing sites that Klout users have wanted not only connected but to count towards their Klout Score. Therefore, now not only will all of your Instagram activities count, your most popular Instagram photos will appear under your Klout Moments, adding a more visual touch to Klout.

More than 10 percent of Klout users who have Instagram connected will see their scores increase into the 50 to 70 score range but none will decrease.

Klout users Instagram connected

Over 77% of users who have connected their Instagram accounts will see a score increase between 1 and 5 points. And 16% of Instagram-connected users will see a Score increase of 5 or more points, depending on how active you are on Instagram.

connected their Instagram accounts

The Klout algorithm will take into account your ability to drive social actions on Instagram, which will include likes and comments you obtain from the images you upload to Instagram. It will also factor in the influence of those who are engaging on your images as well as the number of followers you have.

“The number of followers and social interactions on the photos uploaded by users increases significantly for each score range of 10 points. A user with a score between 40 and 50 has on average approximately 150 followers and 300 actions on their photos over the past 90 days. In contrast, a user with a score between 80 and 90 has approximately 50,000 followers and 200,000 social actions, both orders of magnitude greater.”  [Via Klout Engineering Blog]

The Klout Moments will now help you expose your most popular photos which will help you gain further reach. This is particularly helpful for brands to gain more exposure and further their branding efforts while using social media.

As an example, Chevrolet has gained popularity within the Instagram brand community, so now their efforts on Instagram will reflect not only within their Klout Score but shown within their Klout Moments on Klout. This too goes for other Instagram users and the reflection will be based on your efforts too.

Instagram brand community Klout Moments

If you thought Klout adding Bing and Instagram would not affect you, you need to think again. Not only from a personal angle but from your professional stand-point as well; understanding that your influence summed up does matter to others and Klout is just the place they are going to look.

[via Klout]


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