Amazon Adds a Like Button and Why Personalization is Important for Businesses


Yes, that is correct, the shopping website, Amazon has now added a “like” feature. In fact, “liking” things has moved beyond Facebook and has now entered other areas of the online world. Although, the “like” reference to Amazon has no ties to your Facebook Profile, or Facebook at all, it is eerie to recognize that even though there is no correlation, it has been Facebook’s Founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s goal to “make the web a more social place”.

Therefore, prior to diving into what Amazon’s “like” feature entails, we could not help but give acknowledgment to Zuckerberg for his appeal to “how the Internet should work” and interact with people seems to be catching on rapidly. Although, Facebook has been a strong leader in a Social Movement for people and businesses, it is the Social Media Industry that keeps the yearn for social interactions or features to be more customizable to what people want, it makes the experience for the user a personal one, which may prove to increase sales and loyalty for businesses.

Regardless of what platforms are out there, if it weren’t for our global societies using them and or their features, the demand would not be there, basically we are requesting personalization, regardless of where we are online, social network or not.

Amazon is proving to be yet another outside social networking source that sees the appeal to personalize a person’s experience while browsing or shopping on their website. They must see the affect the “like” feature works for social networks (particularly, Facebook) and from that popularity can identify that customers would most likely apply the same technique to their website.

3 things will happen when “liking” an item on Amazon:

1. You will receive recommendations of items based on what you have “liked”.

2. You will be able to view the amount of other Amazon customers that have “liked” the same product as you have.

3. The item that you have “liked” will be added to a list of your “liked” products.

This only goes to show that adding a personal touch to your website or business will be beneficial for you, since that is what people want. Providing what people “like” (pun intended) will improve the likability of your company. As Amazon adds a “like” button, this will improve a users experience since now they will feel as though they are taking part in something, or feel as though Amazon cares about what they want as a consumer. Personalization to a customer is important and the chances of their return or buying from you will increase, since their needs are modified to their wants. Making their experience less of a hassle, with less time searching and more time seeing what they actually “like” based on their own simple actions of clicking a “like” button.

Social Media is playing a much bigger role than just keeping “in touch” with friends and family members. It is changing the way we interact, communicate and how we want to do business. Its impact is in its infancy stages and we have similar mimicking of social networks filtering into businesses and other online activities yet to come. Amazon is merely an example, with their decisions being a fantastic practice to what we have yet to see.

Will You Use Amazon’s Like Button?


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