Already Have a Facebook Page; Do We Really Need a Google+ Page for Our Business Too?

>Already Have a Facebook Page Do We Really Need a Google+ Page for Our Business TooAs a representative of your business, you are doing your best to incorporate social media as a part of your overall marketing strategies. This is great, but can become difficult as new ideas within the Social Media Industry roll out and as Google+ has now added “Pages” to its platform, you are probably asking yourself, “If my business has a page on Facebook, why do we need to have a Google+ Page too?”

Yes, your business needs to have its presence on Google+ too. In fact, being active on both Facebook and Google+ as your business will be beneficial since they are different, although some features look similar. As a Facebook user you are familiar with the page feature, however, since Google+ is new to businesses, here is how having a Google+ page for your business will be an added benefit.

Google+ pages offer an array of possibilities for you to connect further with your online community in the following ways:

Google+ enables its users to place their pages into certain “circles” to help remain organized and to find easily when needed. This is helpful when a person decides to add your business within a circle. For example, they can title a circle “local businesses” and be able to view all pages within their area from one location, minimizing search.

Google+ is a part of the largest and most successful search engine in the world and with using their Google+1 feature – which is similar to Facebook’s “liking” feature, allows you to be recommended by peers within search results, which will show up on the Google+ platform, even if they choose not to click a link.

Google+ has “Google Hangouts” this is the aspect of Google+ that is most unique, it has the potential to become a great asset to the way you connect with people who have added you to their circles. This is the ultimate way to interact in real-time with customers in video right from your business’s location.

You now have the ability to show potential customers the feel and vibe of your business via the Internet, giving people the opportunity to “get to know you” without leaving home. The Google+ Hangout feature can be a great tool for contests, giveaways and simply conversing with people. This feature has endless creative possibilities.

So yes, you do need a Google+ page for your business, however, do not jump off Facebook. Facebook is still the most visited site and remains more popular than Google+. Having both avenues for businesses will only open doors to new people, customers, branding, marketing and getting your business recognized further online.

As the Google+ slogan in the below video states “Businesses do not make people happy. People do.” You should apply this quote to your business strategies every day, online and off.

Source: Google Blog


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